Who is Nur Abbas? Yeezy Hires Former Nike ACG Director as New Director of Design, Details discussed

According to WWD, Nur Abbas has been responsible for leading the Yeezy brand’s design team. Kanye West made this appointment. Abbas will work closely with “Ye” on his various brand relationships, starting with Adidas and Gap. This is a brand-new position for the company, and Abbas will be working directly with “Ye.” In addition to supervising the creation and execution of new ideas for the label, Nur is primarily entrusted with promoting the expansion of the brand’s impact. This responsibility comes in addition to Nur’s oversight of developing and implementing new ideas for the label.

Abbas Nur is a talented artist and designer

At Kingston, Nur Abbas focused his studies on fashion design. As soon as he graduated from school in 2002, he joined the fashion industry and earned his first job as an Assistant Designer at MaisonMargiela. He has been in the fashion industry ever since. Later, he began working for Gucci as a designer in 2004, and he stayed there till 2006.

Throughout his extended career, Nur devoted most of his efforts to his employment at Louis Vuitton, widely regarded as one of the most prominent names in the fashion world. The designer worked at LV for over a decade, beginning in 2006 and continuing until 2015. After Abbas departed his position at LV, UNIQLO quickly recruited him to head up their menswear design division.

After that, he decided to pursue a different line of work, and in 2016, he was hired by Nike as the chief designer. The German sports company appreciated his efforts, and as a result, he received a promotion. After that, he was promoted to the position of head of design for the brand. After working with Nike for five years, Abbas has decided to move on to other endeavours.

For the last two years, he has served as ACG’s creative director. Before that, he was a designer for NikeLab Apparel. In addition, he has worked as a designer for Gucci for two years and Louis Vuitton for ten years, holding the position of senior menswear designer for the latter company.

The hiring of Nur Abbas has raised high hopes on social media

Upon learning that Nur would be taking over as head of design, everyone on the Internet was overcome with excitement and anticipation. His outstanding effort, which contributed to the improvement of Nike’s ACG line, may be responsible for the fantastic response on Twitter. In the past, when Abbas worked for a firm that made athletic gear, he impressed customers with the originality of his designs and ideas.

The Internet has heightened consumers’ expectations, turning to Yeezy for even greater levels of uniqueness and innovation. Despite his negative social media presence and the harassment he has directed on his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Ye fans are always there to provide financial support for West. Yeezy might potentially become an even more powerful force if they bring on both fresh and experienced personnel.

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