Who is Orlin Home? Nikocado Avocado’s partner confirms breakup and denies death reports, Details explored!

Orlin Home, the old boyfriend of missing YouTuber Nikocado Avocado, has revealed on Instagram that Niko is alive and healthy, putting widespread fears for his well-being to rest. Around a week ago, rumours began to circulate that the viral star on YouTube had gone suddenly. Nicholas Perry, a YouTube star born in Ukraine and now resides in the United States, has amassed more than three million subscribers. The wild antics in his mukbang flicks have made him a big star.

Fans are worried that Nikocado Avocado has gone forever

Despite his weekly uploads, Niko’s main YouTube account has been dormant for 30 days. Even though the 30-year-old often uploads new content to his auxiliary channels once per week, he has been very quiet during the last two weeks. As a consequence of this, many who admired him were worried about his health. On Twitter, many people began speculating about his location and what they thought was happening. One YouTuber puzzled why Nikocado Avocado wasn’t reported missing. Nikocado Avocado, another fan pointed out, hadn’t been seen in two weeks. In the last week, a death hoax involving the celebrity went viral all over the internet.

Orlin confirms YouTuber is doing well

In the aftermath of the death and disappearance, rumours surrounding Niko, his spouse Orlin took to social media to inform fans of the YouTuber’s whereabouts. In response to rumours that Nick had passed away, Orlin said, “Nick is alive,” putting an end to the speculation. Orlin revealed further that Nick was on a social media sabbatical in his written message. In the message, Orlin said that Nick was doing well and that he was taking a break from social media due to some personal difficulties. However, many of his fans interpreted his silence less dramatically, saying that he was either ill or taking a break from social media because of his stressful personal life. The latest information from Home seems to have dispelled the concerns of Avocado’s dedicated followers.

Orlin and Niko have to end their relationship

Orlin made the decision to end his relationship with Nick, which lasted for six years, and disclosed it in his last piece. After being married for over six years, my husband and I have just made the decision to end our marriage. I’ve decided to put my own needs first for a while. Therefore, I’m taking a break from assisting Nick with his mukbang flicks. This is one of the reasons why we have been somewhat quiet on our social media platforms as of late, as Orlin stated in his article. Orlin, much like Nick, is a video uploader on YouTube who specialises in mukbang content. His YouTube channel has close to 285 thousand subscribers. Although the followers of Nikocado Avocado were worried about his health, it seems that he has just taken a vacation from blogging in order to concentrate on other aspects of his life at this time.

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