Who is Otis Perkins, nicknamed Black Tom Cruise? Tributes pour in, followed by the powerlifter’s untimely death in a car crash

On July 24, Otis Perkins, also called Black Tom Cruise, died suddenly. His fiancée was the one who confirmed the news of his death to us. During the years, Otis had earned himself quite a fan following. Because of his extraordinary talent, he is sometimes called the “black Tom Cruise.” On July 11, the social media sensation was involved in a vehicle accident that wounded her. The outcome was an instant trip to the emergency room for Otis. On July 24, the news of his passing was shared with the world.

Who Was Otis Perkins?

Otis was a prominent athlete, and his deadlifts earned him much respect. Otis’s Instagram account had over 110k followers, and he often shared snippets of his workouts there. He even inspired many around him to make positive lifestyle changes. Otis posts not only updates on Instagram but also on YouTube. The social media star gained notoriety under the handle “Black Tom Crusie.” Otis has taken the name and used it to launch a company. He generated BTC POWAA, a site that promotes a positive and committed lifestyle emphasizing physical fitness. According to his website, Otis has battled his weight since childhood. Moreover, he was enrolled in a school for children with learning difficulties. However, things changed around for Otis in junior high and high school when he joined the school’s football team. After this, Otis made sure he had plenty of opportunities to participate in sports. However, this was a major motivating factor in his frequent gym training. Otis’s success was largely due to his dedication to training daily.

What happened to Black Tom Cruise?

Otis was in a car crash on July 11. The social media star, who was soon brought to the hospital, had back and right eye surgery. A GoFundMe campaign was started to assist Otis. Nevertheless, after the operation, the social media celebrity suffered from high fever and lung issues from pneumonia. According to his girlfriend, Lynn Wilson, Otis’ lungs could not obtain enough oxygen, and his heart gave away. The memorial ceremony is still in the planning stages. On the other hand, Lynn said she would very soon provide further information on that topic. Otis’ loved ones have asked for privacy at this time.

People Honor a social media celebrity

Upon the confirmation of the news that Otis had passed away, fans were left in a state of disbelief. ‘Damn, my black Tom Cruise rest in peace,’ one person said. Years ago, because of the buzz and Larry’s crazy ass statements, I discovered that I loved lifting. It’s so tragic that you must leave this world so soon. Further condolence: Otis Black Tom Cruise Perkins, rest in peace. My exercise buddy and I often mimic his encouraging yells and swagger when we’re at the gym. Only 39. A positive and influential presence in the fitness community has been lost.

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