Who is Patricia Ascuasiati? Famed Dominican ballet dancer passes away Discussed Details

Renowned Dominican dancer and actress Patricia Ascusasiati passed away on March 9, Wednesday. News of her death shocked her fans, and many of her fans did not believe her death news. Her ex-husband Franklin Soto announced the news of her death in a Diario Libre newspaper. The dancer was reportedly run over by a vehicle on February 15.

Per the report, she was admitted to the General Health Plaza Hospital in Santo Domingo. The legendary choreographer and dancer were allegedly run over by another dancer Mary Louise who faces murder charges attempted. Then Mary appeared in the permanent attention court of Villa Altagracia, where she was sentenced to detention in Najayo Mujeres prison for three months. Local authorities investigated the incident, which led to death. 

Who is Patricia Ascuasiati?

Patricia was born in New Brooklyn, New York City, the United States of America, and her date of birth is unknown. Her parents’ names are John and Patricia Allen. She has five younger siblings and is the oldest child in her family. Her siblings’ names are Patti, Bobbie, Debbie, Susan and Andrea. Since childhood Patricia has been interested in dancing; when she was young, she performed in the film Sleeping Beauty. As a teenager, she went to many auditions for acting in movies, television, and theatrical roles.     

Patricia Ascuasiati is a professional dancer, ballet teacher, and choreographer with 35 years of experience. She started her career as a dancer, then joined the Sanyo Domingo Ballet class, and trained under the choreographer Imgard Despradel, a renowned actress, producer, and writer in the entertainment industry. She has performed in many theatrical performances for many years. Later she was associated with Escuela Contemporanea and worked as an educational director from 1984 to 19989 for more than five years.

Then in 1994, Patricia started working as a Ballet Clasico resident choreographer for more than six years. Then she started her dance school named Patricia Ascuasiati school of Artistic training from 1994 to 2005, where she trained many students. From 2000 to 2004, she worked at the National School of Dance. In 2008, she joined and associated with Dance Banreservas. Then she got a chance to act in some films, and first, she got an opportunity to act in the role of Olga Karnikove in 200.

After that, she acted in more than six movies, and in 2021 also she acted in one film. Patricia started as a choreographer in television series and worked in series like Ensueno Campesino and Maria Maria. She is one of the most passionate and iconic ballet dancers. In 2019, in an interview in El Nacional, she said that dancing is my job and everything for me, which will be my emotional therapy and pleasurable activism. Patricia has won many awards and honours so far for her contribution to dancing. She won the Casandra awards and El Dorado awards. Then in 2007, she was named a legendary dancer by the National Glory of Dance Dominican Republic. Patricia is 52 years old at the time of her death.

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