Who is Peyton Gelfuso? Bronny James reveals his girlfriend, Peyton Gelfuso, at prom, Details explored!

It would seem that Bronny James, who is the son of LeBron James, is taking a break from his basketball career. He posted prom pics with Peyton Gelfuso this week. Since the young star, which is just 17 years old, posted pictures of the evening’s activities on Instagram, he has been trending on Twitter ever since. During Bronny James’ date, he uploaded a story to his Instagram account with a picture of the two of them together. They seemed to have put much effort into their attire for the prom.

In his Instagram story, he also referred to Gelfuso. His partner also shared images of herself on Instagram, wearing a lovely white gown she wore to the prom. She shared a photo she had taken with the caption “this will do” on Instagram as a record of the preparations she was making for the event. In the end, Bronny wrote a comment and attached it to the bottom of the post. Peyton Gelfuso documented the prom night in several Instagram stories she published. It had pictures of her on a date, as well as pictures of her with herself.

Another Instagram story revealed the brand, Noell and Jovani Fashions. Her hair and makeup were done by @the.makeup.mommy and @asapashleeyy. In addition, she said that she got her tan at Royalty Tans.

Who is Peyton Gelfuso, the prom date of Bronny James?

The public figure has gained more than 30,000 followers on Instagram despite the fact that they have only published 18 posts so far. She graduated from Sierra Canyon High at 22. Her Instagram account serves as a digital scrapbook, documenting her travels, social engagements, and the stylish outfits she wears to attend them. The five stories of friends, travel, vibe, hey, and fits are the ones that strike out to us the most.

In a similar vein, Peyton has an account of her own on TikTok. She just released a video of her hanging out with her friends before she went to the prom. She also added the hashtags “GIRLS” and “prom” to the video’s description. According to the website for the school, Gelfuso has participated in the sports of soccer, beach volleyball, and tennis. The eldest child of NBA superstar LeBron James is now a senior in high school. The boy’s mother, Savannah James, documented her son’s preparations for the prom by posting images of him on Instagram.

She said in the caption, “Sooooo @bronny went to prom this past weekend,” referring to the event. An enormous quantity of encounters and new perspectives. Whatever challenges you face, you can count on me to be by your side. Even Zhuri is attempting to make sense of all that’s going on. The last slide included an image of the young basketball player attending the prom with his Instagram celebrity date, Peyton Gelfuso. Follow us for more updates and get to know the latest trend and information.

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