Who is Rae Williams from The Ultimatum? Informative facts about the HBCU graduate who can also tend bar!

The first episode of The Ultimatum, Marry or Move On, aired for the first time on April 6, 2022, and was hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, who are considered love experts. Six couples will appear on the program, each of whom has been handed an ultimatum by their significant other because they feel things are not progressing in the relationship as they should. Rae Williams and Zay Wilson are one of the younger couples that are navigating difficult times in their relationship. After things came to an end in their romantic rendezvous, the latter’s girlfriend presented him with a request and demanded that he make a decision.

Who is Rae Williams?

Rae is a member of the cast of The Ultimatum, which can be seen on Netflix. She first presents herself in connection with Zay Wilson. Initially, she is prepared to settle down and have a family, but her partner is not. The 24-year-old woman offers him a last request: marry her or end their relationship forever. Once Rae and Zay got to know the other participants, they discovered that they had a lot in common with Shanique and Jake. And her dad was quite clear that he favoured Jake over Zay. Eventually, she becomes irritated with Zay because he returns to her smelling like “alcohol and perfume” without explaining his whereabouts. She eventually ended their relationship, despite his short attempt to prevent it.

The Ultimatum wasn’t her only fight

During The Ultimatum, Rae went through a difficult time since she developed feelings for Jake even though she was in a relationship with Zay. Fans had theorised that she had ended the relationship, which she verified by saying she was done with him. Of course, she’s experienced discrimination before. Then, she realised that it would take her five years to finish college instead of the normal four since she had to work as a bartender till the wee hours of the morning to make ends meet. She went to an HBCU, which stands for a historically black institution or university, and is “very thrilled” about it. Rae believed she was prepared to start a family with Zay once she graduated in May 2020. However, she was incorrect about this assumption.

Having a life worthy of Vogue

Regarding Rae’s vibrant, colourful life, even her hair isn’t off-limits. Since 2017, she has been sporting various hair colours, including brown, red, blonde, and black. Suppose the fact that she said goodbye to Zay for the last time wasn’t enough to demonstrate that she knows what she wants. In that case, the Netflix actress also drinks something called “anti-bitch juice” and has mastered the art of shooting selfies in front of mirrors without being able to see the reflection of her phone. She is often seen with her pals in Texas or taking a quick photo in front of a cool setting, whether she is tanning by a glistening pool or announcing that she will not be on Santa’s “nice list” this Christmas.

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