Who is Rebecca Zamolo? YouTuber welcomes new-born girl Zadie Hope with husband Matt Slays

New mother Rebecca Zamolo had her first child on February 23, 2022. A famous YouTuber with a massive fan base. Rebecca Zamolo’s husband is Matt Slays, and they just tied the knot. Not quite a month has passed since the birth of her first kid, and an internet presence bearing the child’s name has already been established. To learn all you need to know about the famous YouTuber and her spouse, continue to the very end of the article. The reader will also discover why her kid is known as a “rainbow baby” and her previous pregnancy experiences.

Who is Rebecca Zamolo?

Her child’s name was used as an official account, and the account can be found on Instagram under the name @zadiezamolo, where it has received over 49,000 followers. Rebecca Zamolo took to social media to share the happy news that she and her partner had a daughter on February 23, 2022. The baby girl, whom they have named Zadie Hope Zamolo, was born that day.

Rebecca Zamolo’s Newborn Daughter

Given her status as the daughter of a well-known Internet figure, she has, as previously noted, an Instagram account. Rebecca Zamolo said her first kid, a girl, weighed 6 pounds and was born in Los Angeles. The YouTuber confirmed the claims that she had a miscarriage in February 2021 when her baby was nine weeks old. But in August, she told her followers the fantastic news that she was expecting a child thanks to IVF. She told Matt how happy she and he were finally expecting a child after trying for so long.

Rebecca Zamolo Age

Rebecca Zamolo’s kid is a rainbow baby, referring to a rainbow after a storm. Her daughter is becoming well known on the dark web because of her mother’s fame there. The number of people who subscribe to Rebecca Zamolo’s channel on YouTube is now above 11 million. The music industry has taken notice of Rebecca Zamolo’s husband, who is also a well-known figure in his own right as a composer, lyricist, and music producer. Western Oregon University awarded Matt with a degree in 2004. Matt and Rebecca is the name of the family’s second YouTube channel, which Rebecca helps to manage.

Rebecca’s husband

The most renowned and popular rapper is having a kid. The upcoming arrival of her daughter this month. Naturally, her family can’t wait to hear all the exciting details of their daughter’s impending arrival. Stay tuned for additional updates. Keep reading the blog and learn all there is to know about the subject. She is 37 years old and works as a YouTuber; on February 23, she and her husband had a baby daughter. She’s overjoyed to become a mother for the first time to a little girl. She is the wife of Matthew Slays, and their kid is called Zadie Hope Zamolo. The photos go viral on social media, and her followers congratulate the pair in the comments. She has received so many well wishes for her newborn child due to her famous status that she is gathering them.

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