Who is Regina Turner? Former ‘Miss Connecticut’ accused of escorting her husband throughout divorce scandal, Details explored!

The divorce between Dr Han Jo Kim and his ex-wife Regina Turner, who competed for the title of Miss USA, has been finalised. The 41-year-old man filed for an annulment the previous year after discovering that his wife had been working as a high-priced call girl before and after their wedding in 2015. The couple had been married since 2015. The wealthy special surgeon at the HSS Hospital reached an agreement with his wife, who is 32 years old, on the terms of their divorce the night before their divorce hearing was scheduled to take place in open court. According to the statements in the divorce filings submitted to the Manhattan Supreme Court, Turner allegedly took more than $700,00 in cash from her customers.

Who is Regina Turner, the former Miss USA contestant?

In 2011, Regina Turner was chosen to represent the state of Connecticut in the Miss America pageant. The former beauty queen wanted to become a dentist, teach elementary school, and help impoverished countries. She had a positive self-image and believed she was sympathetic, motivated, and kind. The former pageant winner, who uses the name Regina Kim on Facebook, is a regular platform user. It was said that both the beauty queen and Kim had a comfortable lifestyle due to their money.

Manhattan’s richest spinal surgeon made over $3 million in 2018, and he and his ex-wife lived in a $6.5 million Upper East Side apartment. According to reports, the couple also owns a waterfront house on Long Island valued at several million dollars. Documentation of the trip that Regina Turner took with her husband to Greece and France may be seen on Facebook. Even her buddy commented on how adorable they were while they were together. Things didn’t work out as planned, unfortunately.

Dr Han Jo Kim’s allegation of Regina Turner

Kim uncovered his wife’s adultery in December 2020 when he read a raunchy iMessage from a man to Turner. After reaching this conclusion, he promptly began dissolving their marriage. His wife’s clientele was a well-known businessman, a New Jersey real estate executive, and a nationally recognised lighting designer. Han Jo Kim stated his wife’s pretext for travelling to China was to work on a garments app, but it was a deception.

The allegations that Regina Turner lied to him about her educational history are made in the article published in the Daily Mail. She claimed that she studied physics at UConn, but the fact was that she had never even completed her high school education. As of January, Regina Turner said that she did not have any other source of financial assistance besides her husband. Kim alleged in her petition that the defendant was engaging in sexual actions for cash with male customers when she said she was out with friends. The physician said that he was tricked during his wedding, so he tried to have the ceremony annulled.

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