Who is Rocky Pennington? Detail of the Role of Amber Heard’s Long-time Friend and Neighbour in Her Allegations of Abuse explored!

On May 5, the legal team for Amber Heard presented communications between the actress and Rocky Pennington (aka Raquel) in which she exhibited concern. The conversations were exchanged between the two. On May 21, 2016, police were called to Johnny Depp’s penthouse in the Eastern Columbia Building, where Pennington and her boyfriend, Josh Drew, were also present. Depp’s apartment was located in the Eastern Columbia Building. The text message was sent at 6:52 p.m. on May 24, 2014, according to a snapshot of the timeline of the message’s history. According to Heard and her legal representatives, the email gave the impression that Depp had mistreated Heard. The text was written in 2010, two years before charges of domestic violence were lodged against Depp and Heard and before police were summoned to their residence to investigate the allegations.

The relationship between Rocky Pennington (Raquel) and Amber Heard

Amber Heard is said to have known Pennington, a yoga instructor located in Los Angeles, for a very long time. According to reports, the two have known one other since 2003. And in 2016, when she and Depp shared a penthouse in the same building, she was also a neighbour of Heard’s. In 2016, when Heard, a Texan, sought a restraining order against Depp after the couple split up, her friend Raquel “Rocky” Pennington supported her violence allegations. And in 2020, when Johnny Depp sued The Sun for libel, Pennington testified in writing on his behalf.

Not to be mistaken with the MMA star of the same name, Raquel Pennington (who went public with her allegations in 2016) said that Johnny Depp tossed a smartphone at Amber Heard. Meanwhile, Pennington testified in 2020 that she had voiced her concerns to Heard about Depp during the trial against The Sun. Johnny may murder her in a drunken or crazy state, as he experienced in Australia, she reportedly warned him’. According to her testimony, Depp was abusive towards Heard, leaving bruises on her arm.

What were Amber Heard’s thoughts on the written piece?

After their breakup, Amber Heard claimed that Depp had physically and sexually assaulted her. 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post in which she detailed her experience as a sexual assault victim became the basis of the actor’s lawsuit against her. Johnny Depp’s legal team says that the actress’s serious allegation of sexual assault was intended for their client, even though she did not identify him. During the proceedings, the legal team representing Amber Heard displayed a photograph of Johnny Depp in which he seems to be passed out as a result of his alleged usage of drugs.

Heard has previously spoken about their time on the Bahamas island, saying that the actor had been drunk and yelled at her while shoving her against a wall. On the other hand, as is customary for a trial of this kind, several witnesses and specialists on Depp’s side investigated the actress’ allegations of sexual assault. The actor and his then-girlfriend were involved in a dispute at their penthouse apartment in the Eastern Columbia Building in 2016 when Depp’s security guard Travis McGivern alleged that Heard had hit Depp.

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