Who is Roel Navarro? Mayans M.C. Season 4 premiere actors pay tribute to the late actor who played Pavia’s role, Discussed Details

Mayans M.C. Season 4 has been premiered recently on April 19, 2022, on AMC, and actors paid tribute to the late actor Roel Navarro who acted in the series until his death on January 5, 2019. The first episode of season 4 has ended with a brief title containing In the memory of our brother Roel Navarro. Roel appeared in the show in eight episodes in the third season, which ended in the mid of 2021. Roel’s co-workers and friends paid tribute to him on their social media pages. 

Who is Roel Navarro?

Roel Navarro was born in Faire, Texas, the United States of America, on December 14, 1977, to Isaias Navarro and Emma Navarro. He is known as Roel Navarro Obituary, and he has three older siblings. Their names are Deyanira and Maribel Navarro, Isais Jr. Roel is a married man, and his wife’s name is Rosalinda Dwell; they have three children, and their names are Rolle Jr., Joel, stepson Christian and April. Roel first acted in the series Scorpion in 2014 for one episode as an announcer, then in 2015, he acted in Crazy Ex-girlfriend as Mayor Training. In 2017, he acted in the series Training Day as Rio and 2019, Roel acted in the series July 5 as officer Morales.

 He acted in many series, but she has gained recognition after acting in The Young and the Restless, and many people have a fan of his acting. Then he acted in the General Hospital has gained popularity for him. After that, he acted in the cult-classic telenovelas named Jane the Virgin. Then he acted in series like Bosch and The Dead Girls Detective Agency. Then Roel got a chance to act in the Mayans M.C. series, which helped to gain more popularity. He acted in the role of Pavia, the Vice President of Mayans Tuscon, in the second and third seasons of the series, and many people have praised him for his performance.

Roel is survived by his siblings, wife, and family. As reported, he died at Corpus Christi Regional Doctors Hospital, located in Corpus Christi, Texas, United States, on January 5, 2019. He was 41 years old at the time of his death, and many of his friends and co-actors were paid last tributes for Roel on their social media networks, and some of his fans can’t believe that Roel is no more.

The Premiere of season 4 of Mayans M.C. is divided into two parts

The third season’s first episode will start with the heated battle between Santo Padre Mayans and their sworn enemies. Then in the second part, they will explore the latest events and the life forms of the characters Nails, who is pregnant with Angle baby Ezekiel is an exercise craze. Roel’s character in the first episodes appeared in the name of Xbalanque in the second season, where the Santo charter will discuss the new Arizona State Prison. Then Roel will also appear in another episode in the second season, and he acted in the leading role in season 3, which was aired in 2021. The new season of Mayans M.C. new episodes will be aired on F.X. at 10.00 PM every Tuesday.  

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