Who is Ron Carlson? Actress Selma Blair seeks restraining order against ex-boyfriend

As a result of the charges of abuse, she made against her ex-boyfriend Ron Carlson, the American actress Selma Blair has received a restraining order against him. However, who is this, Ronald Carlson? You may remember Selma from her role in Legally Blonde or her most recent documentary, Introducing Selma Blair. It was enlightening to see the documentary since it followed her from when she was initially diagnosed with MS until she eventually obtained her therapy. Learn more about Ronald Carlton by discovering his relationship to Selma Blair and any other probable identifiers you can find.

Who is Ronald Carlson?

Carlson is an American actor and producer who is 52 years old. He is also the father of Chloe, who is seven years old. After making his debut as an actor in 1994, with appearances in Beverly Hills, 90210, and other television programs, Ron is now a producer who has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award. Unnatural, Tales from the Crypt, Haunted Lives: True Ghost Stories, Ordinary Madness, and Last Stop for Paul are just some of the more recent movies in which he has starred. As a producer, he has contributed his talents to various productions, including the ESPY Awards, My Crazy Life, Tim’s Dates, Destination Truth, Pretty Bad Actress, and An All-American Christmas Carol, among others.

Relationship between Ronald Carlson and Selma Blair

The couple was first connected emotionally in February 2015. However, they did not start dating until July 2017 and continued until January 2018. They broke up for two years but got back together in 2020 and haven’t been apart since. With Blair’s age at 49, the former couple was separated by three years. They went public on Instagram when she posted a photo of herself kissing her horse. Ivy wrote under the photo, “It’s only a first kiss, so keep it clean, please. She’s taken.” In January 2020, Carlson publicly declared her love for the actor in an Instagram post, which prompted a similar statement from the actor. Captioning the photo, This is the person I want to depend on and hold up. The selfie showed the subject embracing and leaning on one another. After being diagnosed with MS in 2018, she said that Ron was her primary source of support.

A restraining order has been issued against Selma Blair’s ex-husband

Court records state that the alleged incident occurred on February 22 when Carlson dropped off a television at Blair’s house in Los Angeles. The Hellboy starlet said that Ron physically attacked her after they had an altercation. The Multiple Sclerosis drug Selma was taking allegedly made her sick, according to TMZ. Carlson’s frustration and wrath erupted when she complained about feeling ill. TMZ said he “lunged at her, leapt on top of her body as she was laying on the couch, grabbed her by the neck” before choking, strangling, and violently shaking her head and shoulders. Ron Carlson asked for a protection order against the actress, but it was refused when he refuted the charges.

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