Who is Scott Hassan? Exploring the Google founder’s wealth despite Allison Huynh’s divorce

While Sergey Brin and Larry Page get all the credit for starting Google, software developer Scott Hassan also deserves some of the credit. Most of the foundational code for the search engine was written by Hassan, who served as the main developer. Alison Huynh, Scott Hassan’s former wife, allegedly received a divorce request from Scott 17 years ago. Unfortunately, the divorce proceedings between them have been going on for almost a decade.

The pair were married for 13 years before filing for divorce in 2004. Huynh’s attorney Pierce O’Donnell told DailyMail.com that the two exes’ total assets were worth an estimated $1.8 billion in 2018. As for Scott Hassan, O’Donnell claims he created the harmful AllisonHuynh.com website to smear Huynh. In the site’s defence, it did link to a few glowing profiles of Allison. But it also included links to three papers regarding damaging litigation she was involved in.

Biography of Scott Hassan

Scott Hassan does not seem to have a biography on Wikipedia. He attended the University at Buffalo and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science there. After that, he worked as a software consultant for a while before getting master’s degrees from Washington University and Stanford. Hassan became a software developer and founded firms like Egroups, Williow garage Inc, and Suitable Technologies Inc, even though he did not get this degree from either university.

Before becoming a leading figure in the field of robotics, Scott collaborated with Sergey Brin in the late 1990s on developing a search engine that would later achieve widespread prominence. In addition to founding Stanford Digital Library and Alexa Internet, he did a lot of other tech development. The billionaire has expressed a strong desire to invest in new businesses that are developing innovative technologies to make people’s lives better.

Scott Hassan’s Family

In 2001, Scott Hassan wed the woman who would later become his ex-wife, Allison Huynh, and the couple shares custody of their three children. His wife, Allison, works as a senior research fellow at the robotics lab at Stanford. She also serves as CEO of MyDream Interactive, a creative firm formed by a group of video game creators and visual effects artists. The billionaire’s divorce settlement was the topic of conversation everywhere. His ex-claims wife that he attempted to discredit her by setting up a website in her name only served to disseminate the news further. It was stated on the website that Allison was involved in several unfavourable cases. He used that information in the courtroom to win the case and ensure that he would not have to compensate Allison in any way.

The wealth of Scott Hassan

It is believed that Scott Hassan is worth more than $1.8 billion. His ex-wife, Allison, is demanding half of his wealth in a divorce settlement, and he is fighting her. The IT investor’s wife says she supported him and cared for him while he was poor, but he refuses to pay her alimony. However, Scott refuted such assertions and is adamant about keeping all of his wealth to himself.

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