Who is Sinisa Mackovic? Chloë Sevigny marries Sinisa Mackovic two years after the courtroom wedding, Details explored!

The engagement and subsequent wedding of Chloe Sevigny and Sinia Makovi have been made publically known. This past weekend, Makovi celebrated two years of marriage with a celebration attended by their friends and family members. On Sunday, Makovi shared a photograph on his Instagram Stories in which he and another person can be seen joking about and smiling at one another. The second photograph depicts the couple’s little son Vanja, who is only two years old at the time, dressed up for the ceremony. The third photograph depicts a sign that says recently married mounted to the rear of the car that the pair is driving. Olivier Zahm, the editor of the magazine, put a photo of the couple waving to their guests from their car online. They recently got married, and Makovi wore a classic black suit while Sevigny looked stunning in various white bridal looks.

Informative facts about Chloe Sevigny’s spouse

Sinia Makovi was born in Zagreb, the capital city of Croatia, on August 21, 1981. In addition to his position as director of Karma Art, he actively participates in the art community that thrives in New York City. His LinkedIn website states that he has held the position since 2011. His gallery participated in the famous Miami Art Basel Show last year, displaying pieces by Alex De Corte, Henni Alftan, and Woody De Othello, with prices ranging from $10,000 to $200,000.

Even though his gallery has hosted several famous personalities, Sinia has chosen to remain anonymous. No current images of him have been posted on his Instagram account. Nothing at all is known about his private life, his work past, or his academic background at this time. Because of his marriage to Chloe Sevigny, he has gained increased notoriety in recent years. They welcomed their son into the world on May 2, 2020, and they have given him the name Vanja Sevigny Makovi.

Siniša Mačković and Chloë Sevigny’s relationship history

The relationship between Sinia Makovi and Chlo Sevigny began in the same year (2018). They were married in March 2020, and Sevigny revealed the news on Instagram the following year. They tied the knot with just a few months left till the birth of their son Vanja. Recently, they made the announcement available to the whole public. In January 2020, her spokesman put an end to the rumours of her being pregnant.

The American Horror Story actress was featured in a 21-photo spread that was published on the cover and inside the newly relaunched print edition of Playgirl in October 2020. The actress shot the photos before the birth of her daughter Vanja. Sevigny is now a well-known figure because of her work in independent films, which earned her the Golden Globe, the Satellite, and the Independent Spirit Award. In addition to the nomination she garnered for the Academy Award, she was also recognised with three nominations for the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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