Who is Squid Game’s Frontman? The Front Man’s Identity Disclosure on Squid Game Season 2, Details explored!

The Frontman, a fascinating character in Squid Game who also inspired an episode with the same name, is one of the show’s most memorable supporting cast members. This individual has always been in charge of the operation. He maintained communication with the important people who donated money for the game’s prizes and served as a link between the host and those people. The character of Frontman was only one of the many interesting aspects of the programme that kept people tuning in. After a significant buildup that impacted the main characters’ lives, his true identity was finally disclosed.

Who is the squid game’s Frontman?

Episode eight reveals that Front Man is Detective Hwang Jun-missing ho’s brother, In-ho. In the pilot episode, Jun-ho learns about the games when he overhears Seong Gi-hun discussing them with a police officer. Since he thinks his brother could be among the participants, he looks into the games. To find the red employees, he pretends to be one of them. Jun-ho finds a room full of files in episode 5 that include information on every participant who has participated in the games. Jun-ho learns that his brother will not be participating in the 2020 games, but he also comes across a list of all the prior tournament winners.

Later, he learns that his brother competed in and ultimately won the 2015 games. After discovering the data, Jun-ho is exposed as an intruder and is forced to flee using his diving gear. He swims to an island surrounded by Front Man’s red workers. Then, Jun-dismay, ho’s Front Man, exposes his genuine identity. In response to Jun-question ho’s about why his brother did it, In-ho shoots him in the shoulder, sending Jun-ho tumbling over the cliff and into the water below. It is unknown if Jun-ho is still alive or dead when In-ho returns to the games.

How did Front Man take leadership of the games?

It is unclear from Squid Game how In-ho came to serve as Front Man, although he is believed to have been persuaded to do so by Oh Il-nam, the elderly man who is eventually revealed to be the games’ genuine host. In episode 9, after we see Il-death nam’s and Gi-arrival hun’s seek explanations, we are given a flashback of Il-nam requesting Front Man to meet the visitors in his place. Then, Front Man acts as host, while Il-nam acts as Player 001. Once Gi-hun contacts the registration number to cancel the 2021 games, we learn in the closing scene that In-ho remains at the forefront of the event. To prevent his brother’s death at the hands of the others, the Frontman took matters into his own hands and shot him. Yet, it is still unclear whether Jun-ho is indeed deceased. Since the detective’s fate was not disclosed, fans have been given reason to believe that Squid Game will return for a second season.

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