Who is Suylen Milanes? The daughter of Cuban musician Pablo Milanes is dead, Details explained

Yolanda Bennett and Pablo Milanes’ daughter, Suylen Milanes, is a well-known singer and songwriter in Cuba. Suylen Milanes was named after her late father. She had been suffering from the consequences of a stroke when she died suddenly at 50 in Havana, Cuba. One of their three children, Suylen Milanes, has established a name for herself in the Cuban music industry. She is a well-known singer.

The news of her passing was shared with the world by the Cuban record company EGREM. According to a statement uploaded on Twitter, it was with great regret that we learned today of the demise of Suylen Milanes, an incredible singer and music producer. We will miss her much. Milanes was hospitalized in the NICN’s critical care unit on Thursday. We learned this from a member of her family who relayed the news that she had been diagnosed with severe brain damage. In addition to that, they said that the prognosis was a long-term one.

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The artist is known for her dogged determination to achieve her goals, and she never gives up. She was a trailblazer in the music industry by creating a new music genre characterized by the combination of electronic and Afro-Cuban rhythms. Suylen Milanes is the person who started the Eyeife music festival, which is celebrated at the end of each year at Havana’s Almendares Park and is well-liked by those who like listening to music.

The performances of electronic music at this event were quite well-known. Due to the disease outbreak the previous year, the celebration was held only online. Milanes was not only a co-founder of the Somos project, which brought together seven women who were already successful business owners in the music sector. She was also responsible for the program’s development. The number also includes artists in other creative fields, such as composers, dancers, directors, and others.

Milanes said that one of her goals was to raise awareness of women’s significant contributions to the music industry. In addition, she had said in an interview that one of her goals was to encourage other women to pursue their talents by cultivating an alternative music society in which men and women are accorded equal status. A number of female DJs performing at the event added the memorable subject of women’s empowerment in 2020. Milanes has already expressed her interest in showcasing the Somos project at the event that is being planned.

The year 2009 marked her beginning with PM Records, a cultural organization, and that same year she was promoted to the position of director of the Proposals Office. In 1998, her father launched a company that was very much like the one she ran. The business was responsible for the manufacturing of advertising materials, as well as event organizing and other services. Milanes has participated in many musical projects, some of which are Yarini’s sessions and Tesis de Menta.

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