Who is Tangmo Nida? Thai actress Tangmo was discovered dead in the Bangkok River, Details discussed

Tangmo Nida, a popular actress in Thailand, passed away after slipping and falling off a watercraft. It was 38 hours after she had fallen in until her body was recovered from the Chao Phraya River on Saturday at 1:10 p.m. local time. The woman, who was 37 years old, was only missing for two days when her body was discovered. According to the area’s residents, Nida “Tangmo” Patcharaveerapong was aboard the boat with a couple of his close friends.

Tanupat Lerttaweewit, the owner of the watercraft that was involved in the accident that resulted in the death of a passenger, could be held criminally accountable for the incident. A second man, only known by his initials “Bert,” was also found on board the speedboat, and he may be prosecuted for operating the vessel without a proper license. There were seven people on board, and among them were Tangmo Nida and her manager Kratik. From the Thon Burgi Bridge, she had begun her journey in the direction of the province of Nonthaburi.

Tangmo Nida’s friends questioned after the actress’ death

According to Thai PBS World, it was around 11 in the morning when she was believed to have fallen off the bosun’s chair. After she had drowned, it was not until several hours later that her body was discovered. This was previously reported. Concerning the length of time between the group’s discovery of the actress’s passing and the subsequent reporting of it, law enforcement officials are currently interrogating the group.

Tanupat told the authorities that he was in too much of a state of shock to report the incident immediately. On the speedboat, it was the standard for no one to wear a jacket, and no one seemed to mind this. Tanupat’s account suggests that they did not because they were unclear about the location of their captivity at the time. In an interview with the media he conducted after Tangmo Nida’s death, he begged the public for forgiveness. He said, “We are deeply sorry,” expressing his profound remorse and grief for the situation.

Additionally, he stated to the media that he was the first person to recognize his sister after she had been submerged for an extended period. According to him, he could determine who she was simply by seeing the clothes she wore. I’ve come to take her back to her house, the diver who rescued her stated. The news of her daughter’s sudden passing left the actress’s mother, Panida, in utter disbelief.

The fight that Panida had with other passengers on the boat is what she says caused her daughter’s death, according to a quote that appeared in the Bangkok Post. She hypothesized that Tangmo’s presence might not have been appreciated at the time. According to a rescue worker volunteering their time, a significant cut was detected on the actress’ thigh; however, the cause of the injury is still unknown. As of the time this item was published, nobody had been taken into custody regarding her passing.

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