Who is Thomas Parobek? Get to meet the Cobra Kai star, Informative details discussed

A 7-year-old Fairfax, Virginia resident, looks to have won the jackpot in bringing in the new year on a high note. Here’s Thomas Parobek, the little kid actor who delivers a powerful performance as young Johnny Lawrence in the fourth season of Netflix’s massively popular martial arts drama Cobra Kai. Thomas’s outstanding performance as one of the many new additions to the Miyagi-vast Verse’s colourful cast will undoubtedly have people talking about his potential as a major player in the industry.

Recently, Parobek spoke with Saahil Agnelo Periwal of SkPop in an exclusive interview in which he discussed his time at Cobra Kai, his relationship with sensei Johnny Lawrence, his next projects, and more. Thomas Parobek, the actor in Cobra Kai, discusses his roles as Johnny Lawrence and the young karate master in other films. Here are some of the conversations in which he shared about his experience.

What was it like working on Cobra Kai?

Thomas said it was Fun times! I can’t believe it. On set, everyone was incredibly polite to me. Meeting everyone was great. The guys treated me well and showed me around. They showed me where additional Cobra Kai sequences were shot. I recalled watching them on the big screen. The director and I still talk. Penpals. Meeting the cast was incredible. William Zabka was the most memorable since I first saw him in The Karate Kid. Everyone was friendly and asked me questions.

How was portraying young Johnny Lawrence? Given the character’s popularity, did you do any special preparation?

As said by Thomas, I loved playing young Johnny Lawrence. When I discovered out, I was auditioning for young Johnny. I was ecstatic. I didn’t do any preparation since I portrayed his kid self in flashbacks. Knowing my lines and being a child made it easy. I felt at home on set and played with Gi-Joes. I adore playing, so that was great. I have adored karate since then.

How do you manage acting and school?

Thomas expressed, My parents helped me balance things well. I home-schooled second grade. Homeschooling gave me additional travel possibilities. If I have to work late at night or on the weekend, that’s OK. My auditions are typically self-tapes, so I complete my schoolwork, audition, and finish.

What are your non-acting hobbies?

Thomas said it was Fun! I joined the Eagles, basketball team. I often practise on our basketball hoop. Twice a week, I practise karate. I swim well and play tennis. I adore sketching and building paper aircraft. Magnatiles are magnetic legos. They’re absorbing. We do everything together—11-year-old closest pal. We like D&D and video games.

What do you enjoy about Cobra Kai and The Karate Kid?

Thomas described the following, I love the movie karate. I hope I can do that well. I love that young and elderly can watch it. Great tale! Four-year-old me liked The Karate Kid. My parents and grandparents adore movies and shows, so age doesn’t matter. Awesome actors, too. I love how many Karate Kid characters are returning to Cobra Kai. I watched Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso as a kid.

How have friends, family, and fans reacted?

Finally Thomas expressed, everyone is helpful. I’m extremely honoured and grateful. My friends and family are thrilled I’m happy and doing what I love, but they also offer me balance. My fans are amazing. Really. They’re always friendly and supportive. They created fan art, edits, and a t-shirt. Unbelievable! I’m happy.

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