Who is Yasmeen Nicole? YouTuber Lil Yas’s pregnant pictures get viral on Instagram, Age and personal details explored!

The shocking news that American YouTuber Yasmeen Nicole was expecting her first child was shared with her audience on October 19, 2021. Because she is expecting her first child, the young people who are loyal to her as a follower are curious as to the actual age of the influencer. In a video uploaded to her official channel on YouTube, Yasmeen, better known by her stage name Lil Yas, broke the news to her fans that she was eight months pregnant with her first child.

Who is Yasmeen Nicole?

In 2016, Yasmeen started sharing images on Instagram, and she garnered a substantial following almost immediately after doing so. She has worked as a model for brands such as Shein, and she often posts images of herself on the website. Since 2017, Yasmeen has maintained an active presence across several social media platforms, and she runs a YouTube channel to which she regularly uploads videos that focus on fashion and cosmetics. Biography Daily estimates that the young influencer will have earned $800,000 by the time the year 2021 rolls around. You can find her on Twitter at @llil.yas, and you may want to follow her there.

Personal details of Yasmeen Nicole

According to the best of our knowledge, Yasmeen is 18 years old. According to her Biography page, she was born in Dallas, Texas, on February 4, 2003.

Is Yasmeen Nicole pregnant?

On October 18, 2021, Yasmeen told her audience that she was expecting her first child and was very excited. She made the revelation on her own YouTube channel, where she also said that the pregnancy was completely unexpected. Yasmeen told her fans they were worried since she hadn’t uploaded anybody’s photographs in weeks. She even let the secret out of the bag by claiming that the kid would be a boy even though they were expecting a boy. She also included the query Call me mommy? Beside a picture of her pregnant tummy taken in an Egyptian-style topless outfit.

Yasmeen just informed everyone that she would have a baby on November 7, 2021, and believes she became pregnant on February 14 of the same year. The YouTuber hasn’t revealed her son’s name or father’s identity. On several social media channels, devoted followers responded to the surprising remark. One of Yasmeen Nicole’s Instagram followers said, “I’ve been following her since she was 15, and now that she’s pregnant, I’m ready to cry.” Yasmeen Nicole is expecting her first child. Someone person said, “Not Yasmeen Nicole is pregnant,” shocking.

Even though it had been widely assumed that she was carrying a child, many people were taken aback by the news that she would become a mother at such a young age. After the publication of her statement, Yasmeen Nicole has received a significant amount of support across various social media outlets. The comments area of her video on YouTube is packed with her fans, who are amazed and grateful for her.

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