Who is Yazmin Esmeralda? The teen allegedly shot herself while trying to record TikTok, Details explained!

During the shooting of a TikTok video, Yazmin Esmeralda, who was 15 years old and from Mexico, accidentally shot herself in the foot. The young lady was recording herself together with her brother as they played with a 9mm Uzi submachine weapon as she did so. According to an article published in the New York Post, she allegedly felt compelled to create the film because of the widespread drug culture in the nation. During their trip to Yazmin’s grandmother’s home in Guasave, Sinaloa, Yazmin Esmeralda discovered the pistol in the far back of a cabinet in the kitchen. Her brother was there as the terrible event transpired and saw his sister’s passing away due to it. The sound of the shooting was what first awakened her mother, and she immediately rushed out of the house to seek assistance.

The family neglected to safeguard Yazmin Esmeralda, police claim

Maria Teresa Guerra Ochoa, the head of the state’s women’s ministry, said that the girl’s adoration of drug traffickers led her to want to produce the TikTok video with the firearm. Maria Teresa Guerra Ochoa is quoted as saying this. She commented on the drug traffickers while pointing to the fact that they had supporters in some circles. They look up to those who have triumphed against adversity, such as themselves, who have come from a less fortunate background.

In an interview with vice, the state prosecutor for Sinaloa, Sara Bruna Quionez Estrada, said that “the fact that she filmed a video indicates that our youth is active in culture.” Constantly being brought up in conversation is something that occurs. The prosecutor argued that a weapon of this kind should never be kept in a home or any other location where children may have access to it. Proceso said prosecutors had identified the teenager’s father as the person who owned the pistol. However, this information has not been verified. In addition, the prosecution brought up the possibility of Yazmin Esmeralda’s father being found responsible for his daughter’s death.

According to Estrada, the Mexican military forces don’t utilize submachine guns very often because of their complex designs, which make them tough to use. The prosecution contends that the gun is also a risk to the general populace’s safety, as stated in their opening statement. She stated that adults who knew there were children in the household had responsibility for the existence of uncontrolled guns in the home. Sadly, this is not the first time a young person has lost their life while attempting to film a video for TikTok.

Teenagers tried dangerous acts such as the Blackout Challenge, the Benadryl Challenge, the Skull Breaker Challenge, and other activities of a similar kind, which ultimately resulted in the deaths of many participants. The Louisville Courier-Journal stated that Mexican drug cartels have begun using TikTok to promote the gangster lifestyle. According to the security expert David Saucedo of Mexico City, parties, military-grade weaponry, plenty of cash, and exotic pets are used to entice young guys to join a group.

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