Who killed Jeon Pil-do on the Netflix K-drama?

In the drama, My Name, Ahn Bo-portrayal Hyun’s of the main character, Jeon Pil-do, helped the story move forward. Jeon Pil-do is the main character in the story. Under the name Hyejin, Jiwoo joined the undercover police force. At first, he worked in the section that dealt with violent crimes. She and Pil-do ran into each other because they were both after the same criminal. While Pil-do was talking to the suspect during a sting operation, she arrested him on charges of sexual assault.

In the movie “My Name,” Pil-do is a member of the narcotics squad whose job is to catch the “kingpins” who are in charge of distributing illegal drugs across the country. He wanted to join the narcotics team because it was important to him on a personal level. Because of what happened to his sister when she drank a drink at a club that had been tampered with, he made it his mission to get rid of drug networks all over the country and keep other people from going through the same thing.

What happened in “My Name” that led to Jeon Pil’s death?

At first, Pil-do wasn’t sure what Jiwoo would bring to the team. He wanted to know how good she could be, so he had her do some drills on the field. Both her dedication and her skill surprised him in a good way. After that, he started having doubts about being her partner in the movie My Name.

When they went after a different drug dealer, Do Gangjae, on their own, their relationship grew much stronger. Jiwoo’s plan was to find him and kill him on Mujin’s behalf. Gangjae had attacked people from the Dongcheon community, which led to the deaths of four of them. He did it because Jiwoo used to be Mujin’s favourite, and Mujin had yelled at Gangjae for acting weird around Jiwoo. Because of this, he did it.

Gangjae sets a trap for Jiwoo and Mujin because he wants to get even with them, and Pil-do falls for it. He had watched Jiwoo make sure she wasn’t a spy working against them. Even so, in the movie “My Name,” when they face death, he is convinced that she is on his side. Without Mujin’s help, she would not have been able to get through Gangjae’s attack.

How do they get out of prison?

But the truth finally set them both free, and they fell in love with each other during that time. Both of them had been through terrible things, which helped them understand each other better. Also, the fact that they had been through the same thing brought them emotionally and physically closer together. With Pil-help do’s and encouragement, Jiwoo could turn away from his path of pointless vengeance.

She decided to help the police catch Mujin in My Name, which would help her father reach the goal he had set for himself while he was still alive. But before she could do it, Mujin rode his bike by and shot Pil-do, killing her. It happened right after the two of them told each other how much they liked each other. Everyone was moved by this heartfelt confession, which made the news of Pil-passing do’s even more upsetting.

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