Who Was Flow La Movie? Flow Los Angeles Movie and his wife were killed in an aircraft tragedy Details discussed

Jose Angel Hernandez, well known by his stage name ‘Flow La Movie,’ was a Puerto Rican music producer killed in an aircraft crash with his family and six other people. Hernandez’s stage name was more widely recognized. The pilots attempted to make an emergency landing in the Dominican Republic early on Wednesday morning when a horrific catastrophe occurred. The Gulfstream IV aircraft had taken off from La Isabela International Airport to fly to Orlando, Florida. However, it crashed near Las Americas International Airport shortly after take-off. The incident occurred within the first 15 minutes of the flight.

Who was Debbie Von Marie Jimenez Garcia?

Debbie had just celebrated her 31st birthday when she went unexpectedly, as reported by PEOPLE. She had been Jose’s long-term partner and was the mother of his child, who is now four years old. They were also unfortunate enough to suffer the loss of their son, Jayden Hernandez, another disaster victim. Debbie was a prominent figure on the internet and in the business world. Debbie was the designer that was responsible for her label, which was called “Stilo by Debbie.”

Even though it has worldwide shipping capabilities, the company’s headquarters are in Florida. Jose had been shown several pictures that Debbie had taken of their child. Her tweets seem like she often traveled to faraway places and lived a lavish lifestyle. Her last social media update seems to have been sent from the cabin of a plane. Furthermore, she said If anybody else has concerns about your, go show them in the tweet, and then follow it up with the hashtag #goalslifestyle.

Who is Jose Angel Hernandez?

It was generally known that Jose has collaborated with several of Latin music’s most notable personalities during his career. Te Bote, a hit track recorded by Bad Bunny, Nicky Jam, and Ozuna, was produced by him, and it remained at the top of the Billboard Hot Latin Song charts for 14 weeks. Several well-known musicians, such as Nio Garcia, Casper Magico, D.OZi, and Xound, were among the artists Jose had signed to his record label. After taking off from Isabela International Airport, an aircraft carrying Jose and six other people are said to have crashed near Las Americas International Airport as the pilot tried to make an “emergency landing.”

Who else was traveling on board the plane?

A young woman from the United States called Kellyan Hernández Pena, who was 21 years old, along with two teenagers aged 13 and 18, none of whom had any known connection to the music producer, were also on board the plane. Veronica Estrella, a lady who is 26 years old, is the second person to be murdered. On the other hand, it is not quite apparent if she was a flight crew member or a paying passenger. Luis Alberto Eljuri Tancredo, 47 years old, and Emilio Herrera, 32, were the two crew members killed in the accident.

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