Who was Indian Red Boy? What about the 21-year-old rapper tragically shot and killed during an Instagram live Details Explained?

Famous rapper and social media personality Indian Red Boy was shot and killed when he was inside the car while taking live videos on Instagram on July 8. His shooting videos have been viral on social media. The video shows that he was talking with his friend on Instagram live, and he was suddenly shot into the camera, and most of them were shocked after learning about the incident. Then Lt. Ti Goetz of the Hawthorne police department received a call after the incident from the 141000 block of Chadron Avenue by 4.10 P.m. Then the Los Angeles County fire department arrived at the place where Indian Red Boy was shot then. Goetz said that the rapper was confirmed dead by the coroner’s officers and his real name is Zerail Dijon Rivera, and he changed his name to Indian Red Boy.     

Who is Indian Red Boy?

Indian Red Boy, a stage name of Zerail Dijon Rivera, is a well-known rapper and social media personality. He has more than 16.8k followers on Instagram. He was raised in California, the United States, and there is no information about his parents’ names and occupations because he did not disclose more about his personal life to the media. He used to post more videos and stories on Instagram and was shot and killed while posting a live video in it. There is no more information available about Indian Red Boy’s personal life on the internet. 

What happened to Indian Red Boy?

Indian Red boy was shot on July 10 while he was capturing a video on Instagram live, and he and his friend were talking to each other when he was shotted by fire. He shot three times in his head while smiling with his friends. Then the Los Angeles County fire department arrived at the place, but he was found dead because they had come. His friend Kapone posted the tribute message to his friend and shared the video of him and many pictures with him on social media. Lt. Ti Goetz said that the victim is a gang member, and it could be a targeted walk-up shoot.

The video was shocking as he was targeted while talking with his friend, and everything happened in a breath second. After the shot, Indian Red Boy was blooded, and he said help before he slumped in the seat. Then the police officer started their investigation and filed a case. They also reported that his shot might be realties to Nipsey Hussle Vandalism, but no one was arrested as a criminal for the incident. The police officers are still searching for the criminal.      

How did social media react to the shooting?

This video shocked everyone, and most of his fans expressed their reactions on Twitter and other social media after seeing the graphical videos. Most people are posting their last tributes to Indian Red Boy on social media, and some social media personalities are pouring their tributes. Indian Red Boy shot video made everyone think that anything could happen in the second because he was talking and smiling with his friend, and later, he was shot and killed.

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