Who won Jeopardy! Tonight, July 21, 2022? The details of the winner discussed!

Matt Mierswa, who won twice in two days, returned to Jeopardy! When he faced off against two new challengers on Thursday, July 21, 2022, Season 38 would have just begun. The defending winner won again on Wednesday, this time for $26,644, bringing his total to $55,845. The show’s structure required him to compete again today, so he could hopefully triumph for a third time. He was competing against a senior vice president of marketing assets from Los Angeles, Stan Scoggins, and an operations expert from Jacksonville, Florida, Emmie Trammell.

The winner of Jeopardy! Tonight, is Emmie Trammell

No one has come close to matching Ryan Long’s 16-game victory run since he left the team. Eric Ahasic and Megan Wachspress have both won six times, but no one else has done better than that. Even today’s defending winner, Matt Mierswa, couldn’t keep his two-day winning run going. After the first round, Matt had a commanding advantage thanks to his 25 right answers and $7,800 in-game winnings. After completing six questions right, Emmie Trammell was in second place, with $3,000.

Not far behind him, Stan Scoggins won $1,800. Asian Geography, Compound Words, and Bottoms Up! were the divisions for the second round, along with Trivia, Health & Medicine, and Concluding Remarks. Matt had the rightest responses with 28, despite having difficulty with the Daily Double. His $23,400 from Double Jeopardy! was more than Emmie’s $15,800. Stan had $5,600 in the bank before the championship game. Ultimate Jeopardy! the round ended up being bad luck for Matt.

The defending winner, who had already won the first two rounds, got the last question wrong and was eliminated. He placed second because he lost $8,201 in wagers. Just like everyone else, Stan gave a wrong response and got nothing. On the other hand, Emmie answered the last riddle accurately to increase her tally to $21,200 and win the game. Thus, Emmie Trammell was the Jeopardy! Champion. 

The results of “Final Jeopardy!” on July 21

The concluding hint for the “Constellations” group on the July 21 show read: “The brightest star of this constellation is Deneb Algedi, or Kid’s Tail.” Capricornus is the right response to the riddle. Emmie was the only contestant to get the last question right. Emmie is the new queen after her victory tonight, and she’ll be back for a rematch in the next show.

Emmie reveals the details of her show audition

In an interview, Emmie discussed the preliminary selection procedure: “Trying to appear on Jeopardy! is a game of patience. If you do well enough on the online exam, you’ll be invited to a tryout; however, you may have to wait up to a year to hear back about it. After a tryout, you may receive a contact from the show’s creators at any point during the subsequent 18 months. Since the programme shoots five shows per day, she had to wait around for her scene for a full day once she arrived on location. Meanwhile, the Jacksonville, Florida native and operations expert will return for her next contest on Friday, July 22, 2022.

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