Who won the democratic debate in South Carolina?

The debate at South Carolina was a free firefight. All six candidates tried to throw with every last of their shells on Bernie Sanders, to claim for the nomination. Since the time is running out for them to be a proper challenge to Sanders. Among six, only Elizabeth warren’s strategy was most clear. Her arrows were precise, clean yet intense destructive against Bernie. Well, it is a strong case for who won the democratic debate in South Carolina. But we can at least have a gaze on how the candidates defended themselves.

1. Joe Biden.

Biden nearly got on his passionate tools by disagreeing with Sanders. His praise for Castro’s literacy program matches what the previous president Barak Obama mentioned. He even pointed out to Advertising billionaire Tom Steyer winning over black voters. Biden’s point mentioning that he is the only person who practically got done at the national level from weapons to NRA. Also mentioning the African Methodist Episcopal Church event where nine people got shot by a supremacist (who was white) in the year 2015. He ended by complying not to stop at all.

2. Elizabeth Warren.

Warren nearly got to the right point and explained why she will be a better president than sanders. Her strategy is to be effective and reliable. She even tasked sanders for not ending senate Filibuster, since filibuster might not give legislation for gun industries, oil refineries, and others. Warren did not even spare Bloomberg, who supported Scott Brown, her 2012’s opponent. She told me how she can be better than Bloomberg. She even told, she was never to stand on here on the stage, at least not in this manner.

3. Mike Bloomberg.

Bloomberg tried to maintain distances from Warren. On the contrary, Bloomberg was hit by Sanders, mentioning how his point was approvable. It initially backfired when sanders declared all of them as billionaires. Bloomberg made a point how sander winning again will cost democrats the state legislatures, the house and pretty much everything. Even for the next 20 years for sure. Aside, Bloomberg made his career point for the required job that he is fighting for. He told me that he had been training since the days of 9/11 and he knows what to do. 

4. Amy Klobuchar.

The Minnesota senator got her seat at the bottom of the pack, who seemed to less vigilante. She faced a lot of prospects, even her own sided voters now have a lot of options to decide. But not her. Trying her best against Sanders as her last stand, she spent a lot of time to take out sanders with ease. Amy mentioned her helping hand when others doubted the comfort of the socialist nominee. She told the audience how with sanders, the sums don’t go as they should and how those bold things are easily achievable without sending them into options. Even mentioning why and how much anti-sanders type she is and will be.

5. Pete Buttigieg

For Pete, he is the usual weakest candidate who is in for South Carolina, due to fewer voters and saying to finish the white-black division. At least it can increase the lifetime of the state for a good run. The current mayor at Indiana came with an army of proposals for taking down Sanders. All of them straight up, one by one. He mentioned how Sander’s health care is not how it appears, with more years of Donald Trump as House’s speaker. He told how the democratic candidates were running from the platform, faster than ever. Aside from the debate, Pete supported on Warren to deliver a proper rule which she was at first neglecting.

6. Tom Steyer.

Tom Steyer made a good contribution to the cases against Sanders but wasn’t able to defend himself. Not up to the quality that was required to grab the nomination. He mentioned how he was worried that the string might again come to Sanders and Bloomberg. And that means only one thing for him, he is either going to support a democratic socialist or a long span Republican. Tom even made his point the very best clear, out for his nomination to matter.

Sanders usually did get into a strong crowd of discussions that she never expected at all. Since all the six candidates did their best to knock her down.

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