Why Ada’s obsession keeps growing with time with Boruto and Kawaki , Explained Details?

As the Boruto Manga started to add new characters and antagonists, which appeared late for the Ada: A cyborg was created by Amado, the ex-Kara member. It was created by integrating scientific waring ninja ware in the human body for which Ada and Daemon Ada’s brother was created as a weapon to help destroy Jigen. Ada’s hate towards Amado promises to kill him with her team with a white karma seal holder code. Armed and Code want to own ambitions and vengeance for their master Jigen’s death.  

Ada’s gradual obsession with Boruto and Kawaki

Ada is a mix of Hinata and Sakura, which could be described as a twist, and this ability will help others to fall in love with her. Ada always wants to know who is unaffected by her powers and to see the one who truly loves her. Kawaki and Boruto have become the best for the title because of their karma seals making with Otsutsuki as a part. Ada will be invisible to the objects for which she has more affection, like Sakura, and it will be rejected.

Ada suffers from delusion like the other two Kunoichi. Kawaki’s proposes can be taken as a Code to protect Naruto, and also, Ada believes that she wants to meet her gratitude. Kawaki will try to fall in love with her, and he is also trying to keep out of the Code’s plan, which revives God’s tree. Boruto appears and stops Kawaki from surrendering, and also Ada watches the scene with her senrigan. Cyborg concludes that she will be happy with Boruto and concludes that he is her boyfriend. Ada will be the series’s most influential and exciting villain because of her powers and origins.    

What are the abilities and motives Ada has?

Jigen’s abilities surpassed Ada’s, and it was modified in her body, and because of her barbaric nature, she distastes fighting. They believe that Ada will be a formidable opponent in combat, and she, with Senrigan, gives power to her clairvoyance. Ada can see everything happening in the world at any time by using her power, but she can’t able to see the moment of her birth. Using her power, she can take revenge using Code and wants to sacrifice Kawaki or Boruto to God Tree. Ada can charm and seduce the people to extend control over them. Her power will not only work with her family members and Boruto.  

Whether Ada is a villain in Boruto?

Most people understand and are displeased when Sakura ends with Sasuke at the end of Naruto because it is badly mistreated from the beginning to the end of the series. Though Boruto has failed many times, it reverses the trend that the villain will be Ada. 

Is it Boruto or Kawaki? Is Ada Boyfriend

Ada wants to see the one who truly loves her, but she considers both Kawaki and Boruto the perfect partners for her because of the title seal. Ada used to show more interest in Kawaki and Boruto simultaneously. But later, she started to show more interest in Kawaki after he got the Isshiki Otstutsuki. But she is interested in Boruto because of seeing is cute and dreamy.

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