Why choose alternatives to smoking ,and what are the health impacts that smoking causes?

People, nowadays, are more likely to get addicted to smoking and other addictions at quite an early age. Some teenagers are misguided, while some think smoking is a sign of maturity, making them look cool. Adults and teenagers don’t even expect that this habit can turn into a problem that will stay lifelong. Smoking has become an enormous problem today, and not only the smoker suffers, but the environment and surrounding people also suffer a lot. There are many alternatives that are created as an alternative to smoking, one such alternative is Killapods.

The aim of all the alternatives should be to create tobacco free Nicopads free from tar and tobacco and don’t produce harmful gas like carbon monoxide. It will help in reducing the harmful effects on one’s health, surrounding people, and environment. If you are addicted to smoking, start using Nicopads that are smoke-free, and these are available on killapods. You can get a variety of flavors that include blueberry, cola extreme, spearmint extreme, melon extreme, cold mint, watermelon extreme, and many more.

Why should one adopt or move to alternatives to smoking?

The usage of alternatives to smoking empowers smokers to change their habits. They usually learn to control their body and their desire of smoking. Moving to other options from smoking is definitely a struggling process but gives a learning experience to smokers to make changes in their habits and lifestyle and quit smoking. The alternatives to smoking are developed to help smokers not consume tobacco, kick all the health issues, and live a healthy lifestyle.

Even some people consider Killapods products as medicinal products as they function. The main difference between other nicotine dosages and Killapods is that they are free from tobacco. It uses nicotine because it is a harmful toxic substance, and the lethal dosage of it is counted as 60mg. The Killapod pouches make the pH of nicotine alkaline, and this increases the amalgamation of nicotine. Therefore,Killapods is considered a medicinal product by Joint Commission’s Chamber.

At Killa, all the products are of high quality, best smell and taste use natural essential oils and aims at providing smooth nicotine absorption. All alternatives to smoking can be purchased online by making credit card payments. Consumers can choose products according to brand, strength, and taste and especially by price. In its nicotine bars, it uses high-quality plan fibers to make fillings of Nicopads. The advanced variety of fillings means that the Nicopads will never tarnish your teeth, and even they drop color minimally. You can get a wide range of flavors and can mix and match them to bring different flavors.

Health issues caused by smoking

The World Health Organization has introduced many ways or facts that depict that consumption of tobacco in any form is deadly. Even 31st May is declared as World No Tobacco Day, and there are many campaigns that made people the harmful effects of smoking and tobacco. There are many health issues that are caused by smoking that we will read about here.

Heart Disorders

By smoking, most people’s blood pressure soars, which is highly dangerous to health because it makes you vulnerable to Peripheral Arterial Disease. With excessive smoking, plaque accumulates in blood vessels which turn them inflexible and thicken them. This limits the blood supply to the heart, and this causes heart disorders. With a limited supply of blood to the heart, the heart muscles don’t get enough blood, and they start to die, which increases the heart attack risk and other disorders.

Risk of Cancer

It doesn’t matter whether you puff a cigarette, chew tobacco, puff hookah, or other things; with tobacco consumption, there are the chances of risk. There are various types of cancers that can be caused because of the consumption of tobacco that includes the rectum, mouth, esophagus, stomach, pharynx, larynx, bladder pancreas, kidney cervix, and more.


As compared to non-smokers, most smokers get diabetes of Type 2. Type 2 Diabetes is more likely to make smokers’ bodies resistant to diabetes. This means that if a person already had diabetes before his/her smoking habit and started smoking, then the person’s symptoms or condition will worsen with time.

Other Injurious effects of smoking

Other than cancer risk, heart disorders, and diabetes, there are many other risks or effects of smoking, including weak immunity, osteoporosis, men erectile dysfunction, issues in conceiving, and more.

The Bottom Line

Use Nicopads by Killapods as an alternative to smoking to quit smoking. Stop the consumption of tobacco from living a good life because it affects your overall health. In order to make yourself aware of your health, you must undergo some tests that include ECG, Diabetes test, Spirometry, CT Angiography, Chest x-rays, and more.

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