Why did Basketball Wives criticise Nia Dorsey? Angel Brinks’ gender reveal party is where she’s taken away

On Monday, June 6, 2022, at 8 p.m. Eastern Time (ET), Basketball Wives came back with another episode that was full of action. This episode was mostly about the gender reveal party that Angel Brinks threw, but the gender reveal wasn’t what caused the trouble. Nia Dorsey stirred when she posted something on Instagram that the other cast members didn’t like. This led to a lot of arguments, and the episode ended on a tense note.

The popular TV show will continue for the tenth season. This is because the first nine seasons were so popular. This season, the show is mostly about the everyday lives of women dating famous basketball players. The show shows how these women try to balance their personal and professional lives, deal with the aftermath of broken friendships and relationships, and try to get along with the rest of the cast.

What was the tweet

After sending out a questionable tweet, Basketball Wives actress Nia Dorsey has messed up how the cast works together. All of the fourth episodes of Basketball Wives were about starting over. Angel Brinks was happy about the upcoming gender reveal party for her and her partner Roccstar’s baby. At the same time, Jennifer Williams tried to date Jelani from DJ Duffey’s meat market mixer from the previous week’s episode. Jennifer Williams tried to date Jelani after meeting him at DJ Duffey’s meat market mixer.

The event was very big, and the secret was revealed with the help of a helicopter that shot smoke and synchronised swimmers. Everyone invited to the party, both men and women, had to wear either pink or blue, depending on which colour they chose. Everyone was in a good mood because they celebrated the couple’s choice to have a boy all night. On the other hand, the drama was just around the corner and ready to shake the cast members to their core.

Brooke Bailey was sitting with other cast members when she saw something on her phone that shocked her. Because of this, she decided to do something about the problem. Someone told Angel that her co-star Nia Dorsey had posted a story on Instagram in which she seemed to poke fun at Angel and her party. Someone else had given this information to us.

The conflict at hand

When the woman asked Nia about it, she vehemently denied that she meant for her post to be offensive to Angel and said that this was not at all what she was going for. She said she would never do something like that again because she had a child on her outside of marriage.

On the other hand, the girls decided that they would talk to Roccstar about this issue. Roccstar said that he found it “unbelievable” that someone would say something bad about his partner online and then come to their party to celebrate.

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