Why Did Brendon Urie Get Cancelled? Allegations probed as singer trends on Twitter ahead of the new album, Details explored!

Panic! Brendon Urie has been accused of sexual harassment, assault, racism, transphobia, and homophobia. On Friday, June 1, when the band released the title track from their next album Viva Las Vengeance, these accusations appeared again. Urie has been accused of sexually abusing many youngsters over the previous decade, adding to his already notorious background and a long list of severe claims against him. As of last year, several TikTok developers have made similar claims against him. In August 2020, netizens trended #BrendonUrieSpeakUp on social media. Concerned social media users were able to draw even more attention to the serious charges against Urie by using this hashtag. Due to the impending release of Urie and his band’s new record in August, more scrutiny has been cast on his allegedly disruptive background.

Brendon Urie’s sexual harassment/assault allegations are explored

Several additional allegations of Brendon Urie’s improper conduct surfaced around 2020. At the time, Dallon Weekes’ wife, Breezy, accused Zack Hall of sexual harassment. In July 2020, Breezy Weekes went on Twitter and spilt the beans on many occurrences involving Zack Hall. In her statement, she referred to an occasion in which Hall had made a joke about getting Weekes to engage in sexual activity. She said that she remembered the event. Brendon Urie’s army of PATD fans has been demanding an official response to the charges made by Breezy Weekes. Urie provided a quick response to these charges afterwards. While these allegations have been widely circulated, Hall has not yet responded publicly. At the time, several old charges against the Utah native were being brought up again on various social media platforms.

Comments on the claims made against Brendon Urie on the internet

The Twitter user @kam02700814’s claims were widely disseminated (whose account has since been deleted). The user claimed that in 2009, while he was a juvenile, Urie improperly touched her. ‘Kam’ recounted that the musician had reportedly reached for her thigh, prompting her to leave quickly. In a post on Twitter, user @leah62053062 brought up a similar allegation, recalling a meeting with Brendon Urie from when the user was purportedly 15 years old. The user alleged that Urie kissed her on the neck and touched her without permission, prompting her to flee. Since making these accusations, this account was likewise deactivated.

Urie’s controversial videos

The video comes from Panic! The 35-year-old vocalist of Death of a Bachelor delivers an unpopular speech to his audience during the Disco show. And a Twitter user called “@dinasapphic” claims the singer said something similar in yet another video. The user has also claimed that the artist has made offensive comments to LGBTQ+ people and people with disabilities.

Is there evidence to support any of the claims?

Almost all of the charges levelled against the singer can be traced back to tweets by @kam02700814 and @leah62053062, which have not been confirmed. Several people in the r/panicatthediscosubreddit have reacted to the charges, suggesting that the two accounts in question are the same person with a grudge towards Brendon Urie.

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