Why Does My House Smell Bad? 5 Common Reasons

You’re walking down the hall and suddenly get of something not-so-pleasant. You look around but can’t find the culprit of the bad odor. It could be coming from a room, your basement, or the ductwork.

“Why does my house smell bad,” you say to yourself. “Did I put the dirty laundry away? Am I cooking fish for dinner?” There are many causes of bad odors and many of them aren’t easy to discover unless you’re near the source.

We’ll examine five common reasons a home smells bad and tell you how to get rid of odors. Your house is a home and not a foul-smelling garbage dump.

1) Why Does My House Smell Bad: Mold

If you have water damage in your basement or a leaky faucet that you don’t notice, then it can grow mold. Mold can cause health problems because it spreads spores to reproduce, and you inhale those spores.

This causes respiratory problems. If your house smells dank and musty, then you have mold. Remove the water and anything that has mold on it. It’s best to hire a mold professional as any trace of mold can lead to it growing back.

2) Your Garbage Disposal

When was the last time you cleaned your garbage disposal? You pour everything from liquids to last night’s leftovers down the garbage disposal and it quickly becomes a breeding ground of bacteria from the rotting food.

This leads to bad odors. Cut up some lemons and use them in the disposal. This helps kill the bacteria and creates a fresh smell. You can also crush ice and then add some salt to clean as well. 

3) Stinky Living Room Carpet

The living room is one of the most active rooms in the home. Many times, it’s where you entertain and see a lot of foot traffic. This constant foot traffic leads to dirt and other debris becoming embedded and eventually causing an odor.

If you have pets, then pet hair and occasionally waste makes their way into it as well. Want to know more about getting rid of odors, then visit aromatechscent.com.

4) Smelly Closets from Clothes

When people have dirty clothes, they don’t want the hamper just hanging out, so they often put them into closets where they’re out of the way. Over time, the odor from dirty laundry adheres to the clothes and creates an unpleasant odor.

Take the hamper out and put it near the washer and dryer. Don’t let dirty clothes sit out in any rooms, especially if they are very dirty.

5) Laundry Room

Your laundry room is where you wash and store dirty clothes, so it’s bound to have an odor. If it isn’t from the clothes, then the odor could be from the front load washer. Moisture gets trapped in the washer door seal and causes mold and mildew growth.

After washing, keep the door open until everything dries completely to remove this problem.

Clean Up that Smell

Your home deserves to smell good, so check out these common problems of home odor and see if they’re the culprit. Don’t forget to use room sprays and other methods of odor refreshment as well.

Hopefully, you no longer have to ask, “Why does my house smell bad.” If you want to learn more about home odors, then please explore our site.

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