Hair care is a very crucial part of self-care. It involves the grooming, styling and colouring of hair. Hair care, if done right, can help transform a person from looking basic to being stunning. Many women place more trust in their hairstylists than they do in anyone else. For some, going out in public with a terrible hairstyle is the same as showing up without pants on. Not only do women rely on hairdressers to keep their tresses looking great, but they also confide the most intimate details of their lives to these shear-wielding pros.

However, it is hard to take care of your hair on your own. Sometimes, you have to seek the help of professionals in a hair salon. Most hair salons at Covent Farden offer unique services that relate to the pampering and care of hair. A trip to a hair salon can leave one rejuvenated and more confident than they were before they went out of the house.

In this article, we will be analysing six reasons as to why paying visits to a hair salon in Covent Garden area is beneficial;


A visit to a hair salon counts as self-care. At a hair salon, your hair is pampered, prepped and groomed by professionals who make sure to ensure that you are comfortable throughout your visit. When you are done, you feel less stressed and there is a boost in your self-esteem, which boosts your overall mental health.

A salon experience guarantees that your hair stays healthy and vibrant.


At a hair salon, you have access to professional hairdressers and hair colourists. These professionals are experienced in hair care. They are knowledgeable in the art of hairstyling and will style your hair better than you can. Hair salons always ensure to employ only high calibre stylists who are certified and well-trained. You can be rest assured that only a standard and trained professional will have access to your hair.

In Covent Garden, most of the hairdressers employed in hair salons there are highly trained and highly recommended.


A hair salon will have access to the proper hair products and tools that will be required for the care of your hair. They have a myriad of products that you can choose from. They also have these hair products available for sale, so you can make a purchase directly from the hair salon and continue your treatment at home.

Some hair salons have their own line of products and can also make customized hair products for their clients. If you prefer using certain products or ingredients in your hair products, you can make a special request to your salon and they will accommodate.


At a hair salon, you get to be offered professional styling tips by the numerous hairdressers working in the salon. Hairdressers are proficient in hairstyling, and they don’t mind passing tips to their clients. Such tips include must have hair products, how to manage your hair etc. They can also recommend hairstyles, treatment and colours that would make you look great, since they are equipped with a discerning eye.

You can trust the hairdressers to deliver great results and offer effective styling tips.


There are a multitude of services offered by a hair salon which includes hairstyling, manicures and pedicures, and much more. Nowadays, most hair salons include other beauty related services in their services so that when you walk in there, you have a myriad of incredible offers to pick from. While you are doing your hair, you can indulge yourself by having a manicure or pedicure done.


Going to a hair salon and coming out with a new hairdo does wonder for boosting your confidence. A hairdresser will help you create a fresh new look or revive your old hairstyle, so you walk out of the salon knowing that you look great.

Before going ahead to visit a hair salon, you should do some research prior to select one. Check if they truly provide all the required services a salon does and find out if the hairdressers are competent and experienced. 

Here at Charles Worthington, we offer only premium services to our clients. We have only high calibre hairdressers and colourists that will pamper and give you the type of haircuts that will have you smiling ear to ear when you leave our place. Our personnel are highly trained, and we ensure that they are certified. We also place a huge importance on safety and try to make sure that all our personnel comply with the safety guidelines.

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