Why is Don Wells doing time behind bars? Missing Tennessee girl Summer Wells’ father writes a letter to kidnappers from prison

A child named Summer Wells, who was just six years old at the time, was reported missing from the rural house she shared with her family in Tennessee over a year ago. Her father, Don Wells, is now doing time for the crime of causing the abduction of his daughter, and he has sent a letter from prison to “the person or individuals responsible” for his daughter’s disappearance. Following the death of his daughter, Don Wells was taken into custody on a different DUI charge and is now serving time. At the time, he was subject to a probationary period.

In a letter that was later made public on the family website titled Find Summer Wells, he stated,

You have not only wrecked Summer’s life by breaking her heart and removing her from her parents, both of whom love her very much, but you have also ruined her prospects of receiving an education, which means that you have ruined her life. According to the report, Bly told the police that on June 15, 2021, her daughter went home to the residence they shared on Ben Hill Road in Rogersville, Tennessee, after assisting her grandmother in planting flowers.

The girl’s parents claimed that someone broke into their home, convinced their daughter to go outdoors, and kidnapped their daughter when she was outside. After the search for Summer Wells failed in July of 2017, Wells and his wife, Candus Bly, decided to remove their three remaining children from home. As a result of her abduction, both Wells and Bly are said to have been fired from their positions and have had a hard time obtaining new work since then. The family’s media manager announced on YouTube that a further letter to Summer Wells would likely be made public shortly.

The investigation

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has claimed they continue investigating the matter; however, they have refused to release any further information. Summer has a height of around one metre and weighed forty pounds the last time she was spotted. When she was last seen, she was wearing a grey blouse and pink jeans, and it’s possible that she didn’t even have shoes on.

Additionally, on June 15 and 16, the driver of a red pickup vehicle was spotted cruising in the Ben Hill Road area of Rogersville. It also included full-sized ladder racks and white buckets in the vehicle’s bed. According to the authorities, the case of Summer’s disappearance is still being investigated, and they are looking into all of the possibilities. Investigators claim they have carried out several search warrants and contributed hundreds of hours of human resources to the investigation over the last year. There is no longer a need to cancel the Amber Alert.

In addition, Rose Marie Bly, Bly’s sister, was reported missing from Wisconsin in 2009 in connection with a case that has not yet been resolved, and both of Summer’s parents have a history of involvement in criminal behaviour.

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