Why is Granny Flat Important?

A granny flat is an economical way to have an alternative dwelling within your property. While it has granny in its name, it is not an extra home for your granny! Well, you granny can live there if she wants, but this building has endless uses that suit the family’s lifestyle as it changes. 

This type of building can work as your home business space, a place where your teenage kids can chill. Moreover, it is a perfect home for your elderly parents instead of placing them in a nursing home.

Regardless of how you want to use it, it’s always good to get reliable granny flat builders to build you one of these versatile and worthwhile additions to your home. Read on to learn more about why granny flat is important.

A great investment for empty nesters

Many parents whose kids have all grown up and left their home would like to downsize but don’t want to leave their property. This is why many homeowners choose to have a granny flat on their premises. This will allow them to stay in a modern, low maintenance home without leaving the neighborhood they love. Moreover, they can rent out their old house and earn a good amount of cash.

Temporary home for your kids while they are saving

Every parent would love to help their kids to achieve their dream of having their own home. However, the cost of living and rental homes makes it hard for a young adult to save enough for their dream house. A granny flat is perfect for them to start life independently without burning their money on rent.

Retirement home alternative

Retirement homes and over 50’s villages don’t suit everyone. These elderly homes are very expensive and come with many restrictions and tight rules on the occupants. 

Retired folks often feel cramped with less privacy in these types of homes. Moreover, owning a shelter in these villages does not mean that you own the land title.

The village owner still has the land, and you have no option to senior mortgage or reverse mortgage it. The entry and exit fees are quite expensive, making it hard for you to sell it. Furthermore, banks won’t lend people the money to buy it off since the land doesn’t come with the home.

Elderly/Disability care

Caring for a sick or disabled loved one at home can be quite demanding. Often, these people have special needs, and modifying your home to suit these needs is required. A granny flat can provide all the peace of mind and convenience of having your loved one living near you without making such modifications at your home. Moreover, living on their own will allow them to be independent.

Special space for teens

Teenage kids want to be independent, need privacy and own space. Having a granny flat is the best solution for teenage kids to have somewhere to stay without leaving your property. 

These are just some of the reasons why having a granny flat is essential. You can hire granny flat builders and see what options they can offer. On the other hand, you can tell them what you need, and they will build you a customized flat that could serve a certain purpose.

Overall, granny flats are very useful, regardless of how you want to use them. Moreover, you can have a great investment that can either help you save or earn some money.

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