Why Removing Wisdom Teeth Is a Good Option for Anyone

Removing wisdom teeth is necessary in some cases. These instances include when your teeth are hidden within your gums completely, they are partially exposed, or they’re crowding nearby teeth. Some dentists may also recommend removing these teeth as soon as they detect them, especially at young ages. This way, the dentists can help prevent the roots and bone from forming fully. There are also other benefits of removing a wisdom tooth, and this article highlights them.

May Help Reduce Orthodontic Problems

A wisdom tooth can overcrowd your dentition when it develops and erupts. As a result, it may damage the adjacent molars. A wisdom tooth can also result in teeth alignment problems in the future if there isn’t sufficient room for them. This is because they will push other teeth away from their original positions.

Therefore, if you already had braces, a wisdom tooth could undo the results of a rather expensive and slow procedure. That said, wisdom tooth removal at an early age may reduce the need for braces or other forms of corrective surgery for teeth alignment.

May Help Alleviate Pain

Depending on the position of your wisdom tooth, you may experience mild to severe dental pain. The pressure caused by a wisdom tooth may also result in chronic headaches. Thus, removing a wisdom tooth can help alleviate that pain because it may reduce the pressure in that region, lessen sensitivity in the gums, and reduce teeth sensitivity. Therefore, you can worry less about which foods and drinks you shouldn’t consume due to reduced pain. In turn, you may be able to improve the overall quality of your life with reduced pain and other limitations.

May Prevent Damage to Nearby Teeth

Wisdom teeth can result in increased pressure in that region of your mouth. That pressure could weaken or loosen the roots of nearby teeth. In addition to that, it may also grind the enamel away from those teeth. Thus, nearby teeth may be vulnerable to bone loss and cavities.

Cavities also tend to form on wisdom teeth because wisdom teeth are difficult to reach with a toothbrush. Therefore, cleaning them can be difficult, which could quicken the growth of cavities. In addition to that, erupted wisdom teeth that have emerged fully (known as impacted wisdom teeth) are almost impossible to clean. Thus, removing them can help prevent the need for expensive and discomforting procedures such as fillings and root canals. In that case, the wisdom teeth removal cost may be well worth it.

May Reduce the Risk of Inflammation and Oral Disease

As discussed above, a wisdom tooth, especially an impacted one, can increase the risk of cavities and other oral diseases. Gum inflammation is another common disease that typically occurs with the growth of a wisdom tooth. Gum inflammation can be difficult to treat. The inflammation may result in infections under the gums if it gets worse. In that case, the infections may enter the bloodstream or affect your nerves. As a result, you may develop a condition called sepsis. This condition affects your entire body and may even be a life-threatening disease in some extreme cases. Again, this is a possible situation for those with wisdom teeth—not a certainty for all. It’s best to consult your dentist about whether to remove yours or not.

May Prevent Jaw Damage, Cysts, and Tumours

An impacted wisdom tooth could create a feeding ground for bacteria. If the condition worsens and the tooth is left unattended, it’s possible that tumours and cysts may begin to develop in that area. These growths may invade the jawbone, causing pain in the temporomandibular joint. Patients with such a condition will need to be treated by a temporomandibular (TMJ) specialist.

When May A Dentist Not Recommend Extracting a Wisdom Tooth

In certain situations, your dentist may inform you that it’s in your best interest to leave a wisdom tooth where it is. This is because it may not be posing any threat to your health. Thus, those situations are listed below:

  • The third molar is healthy
  • The wisdom tooth is fully erupted (grown in)
  • It is positioned appropriately, i.e., biting with the opposing teeth
  • It can be cleaned every day through regular dental hygiene practices

Last Few Words

The wisdom teeth removal cost is only a small price to pay for the long-term oral benefits you may experience after extraction. It’s best to remove it as early as possible if there’s an indication that it may become troublesome in the future because the procedure will be quicker and less complicated in that case. However, it’s always a good idea to consult your dentist before you make any decisions on your own.

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