Why Should We Always Choose the Professional Decorator?

Decorating your new home or redesigning your existing home with a different style or color scheme will excite you with the possibilities. However, it is understandable that businesses can be stressful and intimidating.

That’s why there are experts on your side who can guide the process and help your ideas become the reality you want.

Furnishing a house does not only involve studying for the insertion of furniture (or furnishing elements) that must be functional to the needs of those who live there, but furnishing also means the design and choice of the decorations of these environments.

For decoration, we mean the choice of colors, materials, finishes that highlight walls, portions of the wall, or architectural details as they could be; columns, plasterboard lowering, niches, faces or portals, etc.

The internal layout of the spaces, the choice of floors, and furnishings must harmonize in a coordinated way to transform your environment into something unique.

At this point, the importance of decoration should not be underestimated, understood as the choice of colors for the walls, fabrics, and all the objects or small accessories indispensable for the final result.

The primary importance of harmonizing everything is the proper lighting for each environment and the choice of carpets. A novelty of recent times: the use of decorative upholstery on individual walls or wings to change the mood of a background in a creative and very personal way.


Play freely with light, a fundamental component of furniture, and do not limit yourself to a single central light but use multiple light sources according to the different functions: do not miss a reading lamp that can be a table if there is one. It is a way of placing it or, an alternative that is never trivial, from the ground with the articulated and swiveling arm.

Enhance a bookcase or an essential piece of furniture with a led strip to make it the protagonist. You are never wrong if you choose a light with a warm and enveloping color to make the environment more welcoming.


Rely on the one- color if you want to get an environment with soft and elegant tones, choose it instead in multicolor fantasy and with refined workings to give character to your furniture, but remember not to exaggerate: if you are in doubt, focus on designs that are not too large, and if the floral is not your thing, you can find abstract designs and particular geometries that will conquer you. Nothing better than a carpet to give your environment the flavor of a natural home.


Glamorous and unconventional solutions will make you forget your grandmother’s old wallpaper. Today they are reborn as scenic backdrops, able to enhance your rooms even more.

Easy to apply and decorative graphics with a strong personality, they transform your walls into design accessories. Do not limit its use: have you ever thought about the bathroom or as an alternative to the floor covering?

Take advantage of interior designer connections. It will put you in touch with suppliers and decor stores. Experienced craftsmen who respect the home budget will also recommend it.

Interior designers are professionals who have a good knowledge of crafting and solving interior spaces and their equipment creatively and innovatively.

Professionals have two main tools:

• Creativity 

• Knowledge,

Combining creativity and knowledge is very important when planning a project.

The Ove Decors can manage the environments, adapting and modifying them according to the client’s needs and, of course, always keeping in mind the most efficient and affordable design that provides the most significant economic savings.

If you have any plan to buy any property and need it to have a modern decoration, it is insufficient to seek the help of your close friend. You have to hire a professional decorator.

With interior designers in charge of our homes, apartments, and offices, you don’t have to worry about searching for the prettiest furniture, the cheapest mirrors, or lamps to fit in the corners.

Professional decorators are specialists and perfectionists. The home decorator has the training and experience and the professional ability to survey and place all the decorative items in the right and appropriate place. 

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