Why Use CBD Topicals for Muscle and Joint Pain?

We all had to deal with muscle and joint pain at some point. Health conditions and injuries can cause the symptoms, and treatments exist to alleviate the discomfort. Pain medications are popular, but many come with dependency issues and side effects, not forgetting a high likelihood of abuse. People are looking for alternative, safe ways to reduce pain, and CBD has become a popular product.

It is vital to know more about any formulation you intend to use on or in your body. Are you looking into using CBD topicals for muscle and joint pain? Below is a guide to enlighten you on several things about topicals and pain relief.

How Does Topical CBD Work for Muscle Soreness and Pain

Topical CBD is among the most popular CBD products on the market. It may help with muscle soreness and joint pain to enhance comfort for users. Anecdotal studies on CBD for pain show it has pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties that may improve muscle and joint pain. However, much more research is essential, including looking specifically at the effect of topical CBD on aches.

Experts explain that CBD may improve muscle soreness and joint pain by stimulating the endocannabinoid receptors in the skin. The ECS in the human body regulates a variety of body systems, including how it reacts to pain and how the immune system works. The system has receptors in various parts of the body, including the skin.

The CBD in topicals works with the receptors to relieve muscle and joint pain. Inflammation also causes pain. It is an immunity-related response, and CBD may help regulate immunity reactions to lower inflammation and pain.

Post-workout Muscle Soreness

You can use CBD for pain after workouts to relieve muscle soreness. Apply CBD cream for pain on the affected body area and rub it in to maximize absorption. You should feel a change in pain in ten minutes to an hour. You can reapply topical CBD later if necessary to support your recovery and help you reach your fitness goals.

Chronic Muscle Pain

Topical CBD for pain can also assist with chronic muscle pain. Chronic pain can make you suffer for more than three months. CBD may improve the condition to help you go about your life more easily. CBD topicals come in different potencies ranging from 100 to 3000mg per container. More potent formulas might help with severe pain to improve your general well-being.

Joint Pain

Joint pain arises from different causes, including medical conditions like arthritis. It affects your overall well-being, affecting productivity and personal life. CBD cream for pain may alleviate joint pain to help you move around more easily and get things done. It is easy to use, and you can carry it wherever you go for use whenever needed.

General Muscle Tightness and Tension

You may not have joint pain, chronic muscle pain, or post-workout soreness. Perhaps you experience general muscle tightness and tension from sitting for too long. Topical CBD may help with the tension and tightness in muscles instead of relying on addictive pain pills. You can use CBD cream, lotion, or balm to ease the discomfort.

Should You Use CBD Topicals for Muscle and Joint Pain?

You should consider using CBD for pain, especially topical CBD for muscle and joint pain. High-quality CBD cream, salve, and lotions contain simple, safe, tested ingredients that do not cause side effects. You may only experience skin irritation if you are allergic to a component in the product. If you have an allergy, you should thus verify the ingredients list. Besides, doing a patch test is vital before applying any CBD topical to a larger area of your body.

The best topical CBD product contains CBD made from organic hemp with trace levels of THC. It also contains organic, safe ingredients and undergoes third-party testing to confirm its cannabinoid composition and purity.  The manufacturer should provide the lab report to ensure users know what they use on their skin. The certificate of analysis shows the cannabinoids present in the topical and their purity.

The Benefits of Using CBD Topically

Using topical CBD for pain is simple. Depending on the packaging, you can squeeze the tube, pump the bottle, or use your fingertip to remove the formula from the container. Some brands pack CBD cream in roll-on applicators, which enhance ease of use. CBD topicals provide pain relief to the affected body part only, maximizing CBD’s effectiveness.

They also absorb fast into the skin to offer relief for muscle soreness and joint pain. In order to prolong comfort, the effects might continue for up to six hours. You can also use CBD topicals along with other CBD products such as oil and edibles for an enhanced effect on the body.  

How CBD Topicals Are Compared To Other CBD Products

When you need localized pain relief, CBD topicals are what you need. They ease discomfort in the hurting area to support mobility. However, oral CBD products like oil, gummies, and capsules target your entire body. They may help with muscle and joint pain from inside the body. The CBD in the oral products enters your bloodstream and reaches different organs in your body. Using sublingual CBD provides quick relief in 15-30 minutes.

CBD capsules and gummies take longer to alleviate symptoms since they go through your digestive system. However, their effects longer than CBD oil. The market also provides CBD vape products (CBD vape devices and e-liquids). Vaping CBD offers an almost immediate effect on the body. Nevertheless, it is not a recommended way to use CBD as it has been linked to respiratory complications.

You can use different CBD products, but topicals work best for localized muscle and joint pain. They target the affected area only to ensure maximized pain relief. Besides, you can use a CBD topical with another CBD product such as oil or gummies for an enhanced CBD effect.

Final Thoughts

The finest CBD products for managing joint and muscle pain are topicals. They alleviate discomfort in the hurting areas only, fostering CBD’s efficiency. You can use CBD cream, balm, or lotion to ease pain and these products come in different strengths to meet your needs. Ensure you purchase high-grade, tested topicals with organic components in order to get the best pain relief experience.

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