Why Use Unbleached Rolling Papers

Most smokers who roll their cigarettes buy OCB rolling paper. The most coveted is the iconic Little Black Leaf Pack. Over the years, this one has remained very popular. Therefore, the brand decided to bring more environmentally friendly products to the market for smokers. Take care of us physically and our planet.

Below you come to know about custom rolling papers and their usages.

Rolling paper: how is it used?

An alternative to classic rolling papers exists. These brown, unbleached, or brown leaves called “organic” unbleached are not made of cellulose. They are made from hemp from certified organic crops that are environmentally responsible. They can also be made from unbleached natural fibers. It is, therefore, possible to find OCB paper made from hemp, rice, or even flax under different brand names. They come in both short and long leaves. These do not change the taste of tobacco in any way. You will keep that same pleasure of Smoking with unbleached rolling paper and at the same time preserve the environment.

These various rolling papers also have environmentally friendly packaging. Indeed, the Gizeh Pure brand highlights its packaging made from recycled materials, using less plastic, and is printed with vegetable ink. The packaging of OCB rolling papers is all recyclable.

Smoking more natural: why?

Smoking more naturally reduces soil pollution. The goal of brands like OCB is to reduce their environmental impact and make consumers eco-responsible. Throwing a regular cigarette on the ground contributes to the destruction of the environment. When thrown into the wild, it takes 4 to 12 years for the butt to disappear from the landscape. Therefore, it pollutes fauna, flora, and water. This problem has thus prompted brands to create filters and rolling papers that are more environmentally friendly. However, throwing a cigarette on the ground is a non-citizen gesture.

Recently, Paris has introduced a fine of 68 Euros for any individual who throws their butt on the public highway to fight against this incivility. In addition, there are pocket ashtrays that smokers can use. They are small and can be taken with you everywhere, in your pocket or purse.

Types of rolling papers

  • Rolling papers slim

In the “large format rolling paper” series, we have PAPER SLIM (or King Size Slim). It measures approximately 110mm X 42mm. Among the most famous brands you should probably know, we have slim, sen sky slim, rizla slim, etc. King size sheets measure 110mm X 52mm. The Smoking brand specializes in this type of product.

  • Short rolling papers

In the “small format rolling paper” series, we have REGULAR (or Single Wide), the most famous and oldest smoking paper format. This is the classic cigarette rolling paper format. It measures 70mm X 36mm. almost all leaves brands offer this format: OCB, tuxedo, drizzled, ensky, or even raw rolling papers…

You also have the connoisseur’s format called LARGES. These are short rolling papers like the regular but a little wider and longer. Its events are on standard 79 mm x 42 mm.

  • Rolling papers 1 1/4

On the other hand, the short, broad leaves measure 79mm x 42mm and are called 1¼ or LARGE. Also available in 1½ and double width format. This is the most common format for connoisseurs but also the most used in Spain.

Some formats are used more in France and less abroad, or the opposite. Each country has its habits! The rolling sheet roll is ideal for smokers who want to adjust the length of their cigarette or cone on their own. Indeed, this format comes in the form of a roll ready to unroll 4 meters long. 

The rolling papers are typically 44mm broad and come packed in a cardboard case with a jagged edge for easy and clean cutting.

Can You Roll Weed on Regular Paper?

Sometimes you want to roll a joint but discover you don’t have any rolling paper. Then you turn to Google for answers.

When you run out of regular rolling paper, the most often searched alternate papers for rolling a joint is normal paper and gum wrappers. So rolling paper is the best option if you want to enjoy smoking at the most.

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