Why You Must Buy Body Glove Paddle Boards Only?

If you crave paddling and desperately seeking an excellent quality paddleboard, Body Glove Paddle Boards is your destination. It is a renowned company for water sports where you can get everything you need for surfing, scuba diving, stand-up paddling, and many more items.

Body Glove Performer 11 is their latest venture into the market which has taken the paddling lovers by surprise. It is inflatable, versatile, 11” in length, and has a 34” center width. The thickness is about 6 inches and the weight has been kept at only 24 pounds.

This helps paddlers move swiftly through waves and the chances of tripping over automatically lowers. However, the maximum weight is 320 for this model. It comes in a vibrant yellow color. Body Glove has specifically chosen this color to make sure the paddler is noticeable to boats and watercraft. 

Body Glove Paddle Boards are the best for a lot of unique reasons. Check out https://onyxmotion.com/body-glove-performer-11-review/ to know more about the specifications.

  1. Family time – You can go both solo or with your family on this. It is one of the best family boards because of the perfect size. Everyone will feel comfortable and what’s better than some time together with the family on water?

Customers have highly recommended this model for family use. They said the board does not feel congested even with adult children and parents. It also does not feel slow-paced.

  1. Structure and accessories – The nose at the front is slightly more tapered compared to other paddleboards. Moving on the water is hassle-free and smooth. There is also a kit given along with the board that allows you to get out on the water quickly.

Besides, there is another aluminum paddle that has excellent adjustable features, a hand pump, a leash coiled around the ankle, a backpack bag for easily carrying the board anywhere, a small-sized dry bag for your itineraries, and a standard stand-up paddleboard repairing gear.

The only thing that you need to buy separately is the lifesaving jacket. The large and cozy pad in the middle provides extra support for standing long hours without exhaustion.

  1. Easy to carry – As the weight suggests, the board can be easily taken around for trips. The carrying case makes it all the easier. Beginners, families, and even experts can use it everywhere. The repair kit is hardly used by beginners and has been included to take care of your needs.
  1. Excellent movement – Although this board has been designed for novices and families, the performance exhibited is nowhere amateur. It can turn quickly and with the expert ease that you do not feel less at any point.

The long tapered nose at the front makes the functioning swift. Few inflatable boards in the market strive to show such performance. It is safe even for kids with all the safety gear and width. Those looking for extra fun can safely take this board afar without a hunch.

Get your Body Glove Paddle Board today and jump into the waters for some adventure.

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