Will KSI and Logan Paul Be Trusted Again?

KSI and Logan Paul are both YouTubers who have risen their profile greatly over the last 10 years and are now probably two of the most famous and influential people in the world. As well as YouTube they have both gone into the sporting world, having fought against each other twice in boxing matches, with KSI going on to do boxing regularly and starting his own boxing series. Logan Paul went on to fight against Floyd Mayweather in an exhibition event.

The pair have both also been very vocal in their interest and investment in Cryptocurrency, with KSiI having his own Twitter account devoted to his investments and Logan Paul recently being involved in a scandal involving his own investment CryptoZoo, a Crypto company inspired by Pokémon. The campaign ended up appearing to be a scam in which Logan Paul fans were misled to give away millions of dollars of their own money. The entire scandal was exposed by Coffeezilla. The scandal rivalled the level of controversy of when Logan Paul posted a video in which he laughed and messed around after finding the body of a man who had committed suicide in a forest in Japan.

KSI on the overhand has not been at the wrong end of a huge crypto scandal, but he has however been very vocal in how most of his investments have ended poorly. This has resulted in lots of his fans having bad investments after KSI was so vocal in convincing them to invest. Of course, if you invest in something you don’t know enough about, then the risk and blame are all on you. Rather than putting your money in a pump-and-dump cryptocurrency scheme, you are much better off having a good time with blackjack online, where you can exercise responsible gambling practices and set limits to your entertainment budget. After all, gaming on a reputable platform is a much safer way to handle your cryptocurrency and have fun doing so, rather than hopping on a dangerous trend of a bad yet popular investment.

But one has to ask the question of whether we are to trust Logan Paul and KSI in the crypto game and other markets again.

KSI and Logan Paul are both in their Prime

The two are at their most famous right now, with KSI being a chart-topping artist in the UK with Logan Paul beginning to make some huge moves in WWE, having recently appeared in both the Royal Rumble and at Wrestlemania. KSI also made an appearance at Wrestlemania, dressed in a huge bottle of Prime, the energy drink company that Logan Paul and KSI are owners off. The pair are always plugging the product as much as they can, holding bottles of it whenever they appear on TV and KSI having it plastered all over the rin at any Misfits Boxing event. The two are always promoting products and one has to wonder whether this thirst for Prime profit is something that is higher up on their radar than the moral compass of their actions.

The Two will continue to fight back

Of course we would never dissuade someone from investing, just to question to invest in where your investment knowledge comes from and know how to choose the right trading platform. KSI has also been at the centre of controversial money in his career after a video was released of him using a racial slur on the Sidemen Channel. KSI has since kept a low profile as much as he can in order to let the heat of the situation die down. He appears to not be too phased by it all though and now is back to promoting his upcoming boxing match against Joe Fournier on May 13th.

He has even teased that Tyson Fury could appear at a misfits event in the future, but this seems to be another case of KSI using his appeal to build up hype for fans to get them excited. Nevertheless, KSI will stand in front of thousands of people at Wembley in May and influence people. It just needs to be noted that people should know when and when not to be influenced.

KSI’s brother Deji is also going to be fighting at the event. While Logan’s brother is still enjoying a successful boxing career, despite his first loss coming recently to Tommy Fury, who is the first professional boxer he has ever faced and was taunted by Paul for months, as he is set to fight UFC fighter Nate Diaz later in the year. The four members of these two families are clearly doing well and have used their influence to make more money for themselves. Which there is nothing wrong with. But their failings in the crypto world should serve as a reminder that just because you like someone for their YouTube videos or boxing or music and you can see their wealth, doesn’t mean that you should do whatever they say in a bid to replicate that wealth for yourself.

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