Winner of HGTV’s third season of Rock the Block: How much did Sherrod and Jackson win? Details of the prize money explored!

Season 3 Rock the Block winners will be revealed Monday. Before presenting the winners, the judges and past winners took the stage. Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod were triumphant in HGTV’s reality competition during its third season and were named the show’s champions. This winning combination had already been on a number of different television shows prior to their appearance on Rock the Block. All the details regarding the Season 3 winners are included down below. Scroll down the page to see the exact amount of money that Mike Jackson and his wife were awarded. Read on for additional insightful guidance that can be found throughout the essay.

Discussing the Season 3 winner of HGTV’s Rock the Block!

According to earlier reports, they have been seen on television programmes such as “Flipping Virgins,” “Property Virgins,” and “Married to Real Estate.” After much consideration, they announced the winner. The winners of the previous season, Mika and Brian Kleinschmidt, and the show’s judges, including Drew Scott, revealed that the winners of this season were business partners Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod during the finale, which aired on HGTV and discovery+ on April 4, 2022. Now that the winners’ identities have been disclosed, members of the audience are eager to learn what the victors learned from the programme’s culmination. Following is a breakdown of the money that they were given.

Awards for Season 3 of Rock the Block

According to Drew Scott, a guest on the last episode of Rock the Block, the houses were originally assigned at $500,000 each. The sum of $225,000 is needed to cover the expenses associated with the planning and completion of each home. The grand prize house was estimated to be worth $931,000, and I am thrilled to say that a total of $725,000 was bet on the contest! Please continue reading below to find out how well Mike Jackson and his wife did in the tournament in which they participated.

Who won Season 3? Details of the winner revealed

Mike Jackson and his wife, Egypt Sherrod, came out on top after competing against the teams of Bargain Block’s Evan Thomas and Keith Bynum, Fixer-Jenny Upper’s Marrs and Dave, and Unsellable Houses’ Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis. In the end, they were the ones who could sell their house for the most money. The participants came up with plans for the winning beach house, which they named “Destiny.” After winning Rock the Block, you can now see them on HGTV’s Married to Real Estate. This programme highlights their professional abilities and gives viewers a glimpse into their personal lives. An overwhelming number of users on Twitter are celebrating the victory of Mike Jackson and Egypt Sherrod. Everyone’s attention is focused on the point in time when the winners are revealed. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the information and updates we will provide soon.

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