Winning Pokies Strategies and Methods

Online gambling has various offerings that can be games of luck or games of chance , No doubt, online casinos provide an unparalleled thrill. But we don’t gamble for the excitement alone. A gambler’s eyes are set on winning some lucrative cash. There is no better sound than the ka-ching sound when gambling online.

Playing real money pokie games requires some strategy. Pokies’ strategies are not loss-proof but can help your chances when playing the game. Here are some strategies and methods for playing pokies. You may need to employ different strategies as you evolve in the game.

Some tips are fairly easy to grasp, and you should start with them while progressing to the complex ones.

Top Strategies

Before employing the strategies, you need a basic understanding of pokies. Pokies are slot machine games but for Australians. Australians can tweak words like a surfer is surfie in Aussie. Pokies can be played at online casinos or brick-and-mortar establishments.

The reels in pokies spin and settle on a random number or character coordination. If you match your numbers correctly, then you win. Online casinos give the illusion of reels spinning, but the random number generator determines what will be displayed on the screen.

1. Have a budget

You should know pokies are not beatable. You need a preset budget for gambling. A budget will help you plan how much you are willing to wager on every bet.

Budgets help you not to lose control of your funds when things go sideways. A general rule of thumb is not to spend more than what you can afford to lose

2. Bet big

You have heard of pokies players that have won life-changing cash. You can also be a success story but not by betting smaller cash. For example, you have $100; you would be better off making 5 $20 bets than ten $10 bets.

Sure, you spend the same amount of money, but the coin multiplier increases with the money you wager. A $20 bet will generate 20x, while a $10 bet will generate 10x. Also, pay attention to the payouts since some establishments may reconfigure the machines and pay you a lesser amount. You would be better off playing pokiesat reputable online casinos that guarantee the correct payouts.

3. Pay attention to the pay lines

Novice pokies players may wonder why some numbers match and don’t get payouts. Slot machines usually have pay lines, the number of minimum combination spins. The more the pay lines, the more the combinations, higher chances, and increased risk.

If you are playing 25 pay lines, you need more bankroll than playing five. Many gamblers overlook pay lines, but it is evidently what determines how and when you’ll win.

Play pokies with the highest pay lines and have high Return to Player (RTP) rates. Aim for above 92% RTP.

4. Volatility is your friend

Although slot machine games are games of chance, volatility plays a critical role in determining payouts. Low volatility pokies have recurring but lower payouts, while higher volatility games have higher payouts but less winning frequency.

It’s important to note that no rolled-out volatility ratings are available on the slot machines. So it’s a hands-on approach to determine the volatility.

But once you master volatility, you can adjust your strategies and maximum winning amount. You would be better off playing low volatility pokies for the conservative gambler, but gamblers who tend to risk would be better off with high volatility pokies. It is essential to determine your risk appetite before hitting the tables or slot machines in this case.

5. Watch the Jackpot

Say the Jackpot is set to be won at $1000, and the amount is at $960, it would be wise to get in on the action. While on the sidelines, observe the high stake players, what they gamble and what they withdraw. Their money patterns can serve as pointers to when you should place your bet and the amount to bet.

6. Play free pokies

After mastering a particular strategy, it is best to play on demo slot machines before playing with real cash. Some reputable sites have demo machines to try the various strategies you have learned here. Once you find one that works for you, run with it and swing some cash.

7. Never chase your losses

Unlike Poker and Baccarat, slot machines do not give you the same benefit of recouping your losses. The Martingale strategy that involves doubling down your wager on every losing bet is only useful to card games. Once you start playing slot machine games, you need to know when to cut your losses and try your hand at other games.


Pokies’ strategies are not set in stone. As your gambling prowess evolves, you will need to incorporate more pokie games strategies into your arsenal. Gambling can generate lucrative windfall but also cause major losses. It is always prudent to gamble what you can afford to lose.

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