Yasuo received a fake cease-and-desist as the Bella drama rages on, Details Explained

The famous League Legends streamer Yassuo’s ex-girlfriend Bella has continued to receive fake cases and desist orders through the latter. Then Yasuo recently fielded many accusations thrown by Bella at him. Bella was currently in a relationship with Katevolved; Yassuo released the statement that he was discrediting her claims exposing Bella Motivates. 

Who is Yasuo?

Yasuo is a well-known American Youtuber and Twitch star, and he was born in New York City, the United States of America, on June 15, 1999. His birth name is Hammoudi Abdalrhman, and he is the middle of three children in his family, and he has one older brother and one younger sister. He did not share any information about his parents’ names, siblings’ names, and occupations. Since childhood, he has been interested in video games, and he used to play more video games while studying in elementary school. He attended a local high school in New York City, and the name of the school he studied at is unknown. After high school, he joined New York University, and the name of the degree is unknown.

But he dropped out of college because of his interest in creating his own YouTube channel. In 2016, Yasuo first posted his video on YouTube named 10Tips of Yasuo, and he has continued to post more new video content, gaining more popularity. Then he started to play League of Legends and streamed more gameplay. Then he played a professional game named 100 Thieves and has begun a member of the famous organisation. Yasuo created the Twitch Star channel at the time of his YouTube account. Then he is streaming League of Legends gameplays.

His channel has brought immense fame, with more than two million followers in his YouTube channel, and many subscribers have paid for extra content. His 100 Thieves has won the number of many fans. YasuoYassuo’s YouTube channel has more than 1.5 million subscribers and more than 550 million views, and he has posted more popular videos. Yasuo has posted more videos, vlogs, and many challenge videos.  

Yasuo relationship

Yasuo was in a relationship named Bella Su, and she is an Instagram model and YouTube personality. They dated only for a year, and in 2020, they broke up the relationship and separated officially. After that, he was not in a relationship with anyone, and he is single as of 2022 and focusing mainly on his career.  

Yasuo receives a fake cease and desist amidst the Bella drama

Yasuo has also stated that he wanted to discredit the false information against him, so he has put the issue to bed. He also received the false letter and the League of Legends consulting friend Ibrahim about the questioned legitimacy. After talking about the letter, has a legal firm and contacting agency letter. Yasuo has confirmed the cases were fake, and Bella has claimed with the law this to work. But Bella’s move has backfired, and now she is facing potential action for her legal document. Then Yasuo also Bella deliberately for age; her actual age is 29 years, but she claims to be 24 years old.

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