10 Appealing Foliage Plants To Grow In Your Garden

Planting some foliage plants in your garden creates a bolder, attractive shade. Their distinct shapes and delicate textures complement the beauty of the flowers in your landscape. Certain foliage enhances the beauty of your other plants without taking up a lot of space. Check out these best foliage plants to blend in with your flowers.

Spider Plant

All spider plants are easy to grow when properly maintained. They can thrive in low light and even infrequent watering. They can also purify the air, which makes them an excellent choice for any household. 

Spider plants require filtered sunlight as they are prone to getting sunburned when placed in direct full sun exposure. Growing spider plants outside is just as simple as cultivating them indoors. Plant them in mildly acidic, well-draining soil.


Artemisia’s leaves are known for their charming beauty, creating an attractive shade in your landscape. Southernwood, tarragon, and sweet Annie are just a few of the many varieties of this foliage plant. 

Most of these varieties feature a silvery-gray that contrasts wonderfully with both pastel blossoms and darker shades. Artemisia plants are ideal for rock landscapes and areas with a full sun exposure. Most of them are low-maintenance but still require a right environment to grow and bloom. 

Licorice Plant

The licorice plant is ideal for adding some attractive backdrop for your bright-colored flowers. Gardeners love its soft textures, colors, and small yet appealing leaves. The plant’s foliage is silver or white, but it also appears in various light gold and green shades.

Coral Bells

Hummingbirds are drawn to coral bells because of their lovely pink and green bell-shaped foliage. The most noticeable feature of these foliage plants is their leaves. They are low-maintenance. They love the moderate shade, but in colder climates, they may require more sunlight. Plant them in well-drained, rich soil. 

Ornamental Grasses

This foliage plant is for you if you enjoy the sound of wind rustling through the grasses. This also adds texture to your garden. There are various types of ornamental grasses. Most of them are known for their alluring flowers, and some stand out for their distinct leaves. 

Sunlight and water are the two essential factors to consider when choosing a location to plant your ornamental grasses. Some varieties prefer well-drained conditions, while others prefer damp spots. The majority of this foliage prefers full sun. 

New Zealand Flax

If you aspire to add a dramatic effect to your garden, plant some New Zealand flax. This foliage comes in a wide range of shades, including yellow, pink, green, and red. Depending on size, some of its variants are more suited for gardening, while others are better planted in containers. 

To grow New Zealand flax in your garden, place them in well-drained soil. They can thrive in partial sun but will grow better in full light. This foliage can attract birds. Once mature, they require minimal maintenance. 

‘Jack Frost’ Brunnera

Every gardener loves ‘Jack Frost’ brunnera’s silver leaves that make an appealing shade to your landscape. This gorgeous foliage also has sky-blue blooms, which have become one of the plant’s most noticeable features. 

When properly cared for, this plant can grow up to 18 inches tall and wide. Plant them in rich, well-drained soil. They also enjoy the sun in the early morning and the shade in the afternoons. It can withstand more sunlight than other varieties. 

‘Silver Shimmers’ Lungwort

‘Silver Shimmers’ lungwort plants are low-maintenance. Anyone can grow them in their garden without a single difficulty. These charming tiny perennial blooms produce white, blue, or pink flowers in the early spring season. 

Plant this lungwort in wet, well-drained soil in a partially shaded location. Lungworts do not thrive in either dry environment. Compost can help improve your soil’s organic matter levels if it’s poor. 

Dusty Miller

Dusty miller is a garden plant that will undoubtedly never go out of style. This plant features an attractive silver leaf with a lacy texture throughout the growing season. The smooth, fluffy leaves of this beloved foliage complement any flowers in your garden. 

This foliage can withstand the heat, but it also thrives in the afternoon shade during the warmest months of the summer. Dusty miller can grow up to 18 inches tall and wide when adequately maintained. For healthier leaves, plant them in evenly moist, well-drained soil. 

Curry Plant

Curry plant is one of the most suggested foliage to cultivate in your garden because of its ornamental beauty and lovely scent. Its enticing silver foliage merges beautifully with your other flowers. In addition, the plant will produce lovely round flowers once it has reached maturity.


Planting some foliage plants to compliment your appealing blossoms is the best way to create a perfect combination of shades in your yard. The majority of these plants are low-maintenance, making them ideal for your outdoor area. They’re also noted for their fragrant aroma, which creates a pleasant environment

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