10 Best Dating Trends 2020

Dating website OkCupid analyzed dating trends and released the first report, The Future of Dating, which provides predictions for 2021. They are compiled on the basis of more than 450 million answers from users of the platform to relevant questions. Besides, psychologists discuss how the format of modern relations has changed over the past decade and how it has been influenced by social networks and various dating applications like Tinder. 

To keep up with it, you should learn trending terminology. First, to know how to build a relationship in the 21st century and be able to maintain small talk on online dating chat with russian brides. And secondly, to analyze how people now treat love and dating. Let’s take a look at 10 modern trends in the world of relationships.

Better variety of niches

If we talk about the online dating market as a whole, we can see that every year there are more and more products aimed at people with a certain type of preference (for example, MILFs, seniors, or disabled). This trend will continue to develop.


Situationship or situational relationships (SB) are almost real relationships, but they are not. Yes, in a situational relationship, you can communicate a lot, discuss emotional topics, and have sex, but it’s all kind of informal. This kind of dating is what many people choose because the 21st century is all about taking it easy.

Cuffing season

The cuffing season lasts from September to March or from October to May (there is disagreement on this issue, based on the climate of different countries). But in general, this is the most favorable time when everyone wants to find a couple by all means, so that there is someone to spend lonely winter evenings with and not fall asleep in a cold bed.

Political inclinations

Thus, 64% of more than 2 million respondents said that they prefer to meet people who share their political views. 60% of the 5 million users around the world answered “no” to the question, “Could you build a relationship with someone whose political views are directly opposite to yours?” This is 7% more compared to 2019.

Anti-racial movements

When looking for a soul mate, people began to pay attention to other important issues for them. For example, in 2020, more than 2 million people spoke about the importance of racial equality. Loyalty to interracial relationships also increased by 10%.

Ecological awareness

Almost the same number of users consider it necessary to have similar positions on climate change. More than 300,000 users consider themselves to be activists; as a rule, they are looking for the same active partners.

Love over sex

The coronavirus pandemic has also had a minor impact on relationships. According to OkCupid experts, they became “slower.” For example, about 840,000 people who use the app believe that an emotional connection is more important than a physical connection. 

Distance is not a problem

More than 1.5 million people surveyed said they were open to long-distance relationships. Interestingly.

Open religious mindset

15% more people began to consider meeting with representatives of a different religion than before COVID-19. 

Say “Cheese!”

As people are still looking for a partner, despite quarantine and the need for self-isolation (92%), they pay more and more attention to the profile photos of candidates. At the same time, 95% of platform users prefer selfies, people on which are smiling.

Sex before marriage is not a taboo

Meanwhile, more than 5 million people registered on OkCupid (89% of respondents) believe that couples should live together before planning a marriage. 1 million users admit that they don’t like living alone. And 59% of those surveyed said that the pandemic motivates them for all kinds of adventures in the future, such as hiking and picnics.

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