10 Reasons Why Weed Delivery Services Are the Best Way to Buy Weed

Buying weed in Vancouver has become a breeze, with so many brick-and-mortar and online cannabis dispensaries to choose from. But if you want your weed delivered to your door, weed delivery services are the best way to go.

Here are the top reasons why you should go for services like Weed Delivery Vancouver that offer the fastest delivery all around the city.

1.    Convenience

There’s hardly anything as convenient as weed delivery services. You can make an order anytime and anywhere, whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go.

You don’t even have to leave your home and deal with traffic or search for a parking space. You don’t have to wait in line or for a store to open to place your order. It’s just like ordering anything else online, except these services come with many other benefits as well.

2.    Fast Delivery

When you order anything online, it can take days for the package to arrive. But when you use a weed delivery service, you can get your package faster, thus enjoying fresh weed.

If you reach out to a local weed delivery service, you’ll get your package the same day. Many dispensaries can even deliver your products within an hour. Now, that’s what we call convenience!

3.    Front-Door Delivery

Buying cannabis at a local dispensary is great, but nothing beats front-door delivery. When you have a day off and don’t want to leave your house, or you’re hanging out with friends and want to replenish your stash quickly, a reliable cannabis delivery service can save the day.

Needless to say, if you’re unable to drive or a health issue prevents you from visiting a local store, the front-door delivery service is a no-brainer.

4.    Flexible Delivery Hours

Do you work long hours and can’t make it to any local cannabis dispensary during their operating hours?

Luckily, cannabis delivery services offer scheduled deliveries to meet any customer’s needs. If you’re ever stuck at work at odd hours, you can still get your package anytime and anywhere.

Scheduled deliveries can also come in handy if you have a medical cannabis prescription. You don’t ever have to worry about forgetting to refill your prescription, as your chosen delivery service would ship your products when you need them.

5.    Guaranteed Privacy

Although cannabis is legal in Canada, many people still prefer to keep their cannabis use private. Visiting a local dispensary isn’t exactly discreet, so ordering online is an obvious choice for those who value privacy.

Weed delivery services typically use unbranded vehicles, so no one will ever know what you’ve purchased. You can keep your personal business to yourself and avoid any judgy looks.

6.    Time-Efficiency

Fitting a trip to a local dispensary into your busy work schedule can be an impossible mission sometimes. Cannabis delivery services can save you a ton of time, especially since you can schedule a delivery.

You can choose a time slot that works for you and get your weed before you know it. Whether you’re getting ready for work or want to get fresh weed right after dinner, your doorbell will ring at just the right time.

7.    Affordable Prices

Many online and brick-and-mortar dispensaries offer premium cannabis at competitive prices, but weed delivery services might be the most affordable option.

That’s because they don’t even have to open a physical store, so their operating costs are much lower. They don’t need to obtain various permissions for physical property and ensure it complies with all the regulations. Due to those cost savings, they’re able to offer high-quality weed at affordable prices.

8.    Real-Time Order Tracking

Tracking your order in real-time is helpful for knowing when your package will arrive. If you choose a service that offers this feature, you’ll always know when to expect your order.

Nearly all weed delivery services offer this benefit. They keep adopting various technologies to streamline the delivery process in every way possible.

9. Safety

There are many regulations for cannabis delivery in Canada, which protect both delivery drivers and customers. You never have to worry about someone else getting your order by mistake or about anyone tampering with or stealing your package.

You have to provide proof of age when placing an order and a valid photo ID upon delivery. Only you or an authorized individual can receive your package.

10. Special Deals and Gifts

Most cannabis delivery services offer special deals, such as weekly promotions and discounts to first-time customers. Some even offer complimentary gifts like buds and pre-rolled joints.

Many of them also offer free delivery on orders over a certain value, be it a dollar amount or quantity.


Weed delivery services can provide you with a seamless shopping experience, as they operate with utmost convenience in mind. So, go ahead and pick a reputable Vancouver provider that delivers straights to your door, and enjoy the best way to buy weed.

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