10 Simple Tips to Find a Roommate in New York

Living independently anywhere is a dream for most people. However, when the city you’re living in happens to be New York, you know that the dream’s not likely to materialize! Statistics show that the rent of a one-bedroom apartment in NYC is $2811, and that of a two-bedroom one is $3583 per August 2020 records! Now, if you’re going to be living in the city, rent isn’t going to be your only expense, right? There’ll be utilities, food and groceries, travel, and entertainment expenses too. Add them up and you’re in for a minor fit! Also, while New York residents end up spending close to 60 percent of their earnings on rent, the fact remains that many of them earn much less than what’s required to rent the smallest of apartments!

It’s for this reason that 40 percent of tenants in New York live with a roommate they’re not in a relationship with. While the focus is always on sharing expenses and saving money, let’s not forget that you have someone for emergencies, if not for anything else! Let’s look at 10 tips you can use to find a decent roommate in New York:

1.  Check with family and friends

In a city as gigantic as New York, it’s likely that multiple people will be looking for a roommate at some point. Therefore, check with your friends, coworkers, and extended family members to find out if they know someone who’s looking for a roommate. Share the information with as many people as possible so that they can share it with those in their network, and the circle gets bigger, leaving you lots of room for choice.

While searching for a roommate, consider living with someone you know since that reduces the time and effort to screen someone and look into their background. You know them well, so you have a comfort level with them. At the same time, conflicts, which are bound to arise in such a living arrangement, can cause a permanent dent in your relationship. Think through what you want and take the necessary action.

2.  Become a part of Facebook Groups

Social media has enabled us to find everything we’re looking for online, from clothes to cars, you name it! Likewise, Facebook, a popular social platform, contains several groups for those searching for roommates in New York. Send a request to join these groups and wait for the approval. Once you have it, start posting your roommate requirements and await responses.

Interestingly, Facebook has some notable groups you can become a part of, such as Apartments for Rent New York City, Rooms and Roommates in New York City, and New York City Sublets. Finally, you may also want to look up Facebook Events for any events related to roommate finding, and be sure to attend whenever there’s one in the city!

3.  Reach out to people in your social network

Consider the number of people you have in your network on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and use these connections to find your ideal roommate in New York. Share a post that resembles an ad on a rental website, add your roommate requirements, upload a few pics of the rental, and share it with everyone you know. Request them to share the post with those on their friends’ (or coworkers’) list, and you’re good to go!

The best part about such platforms is that you get to reach out to a wider audience and seek help with minimum time and effort. This also helps you find what you need without having to wait endlessly!

4.  Look into your alumni network

Your college alumni network is an excellent place to search for a roommate in New York, regardless of when you graduated. In New York, colleges and universities, for the most part, have an alumni club, perhaps a Facebook page, or even a portal for their erstwhile students. These platforms are used to connect with friends and acquaintances from college.

If you were actively involved in sports in college, were part of a club, or even marched in a band, you have a wider circle of people whose help you can seek to find a roommate in New York. Use them to your benefit!

5.  Attend roommate-finding meetups

An exciting concept involving roommate-finding gatherings has come up in a big way in New York. Given the number of people looking for rooms for rent in New York and roommates simultaneously, these events are ideal for bringing together people belonging to these two groups. Speed Roommating is one such event that happens twice a month at bars and allows people to interact and find out each other’s requirements. People get to sip free drinks and see pictures of rentals that need roommates. They also have the freedom to approach and talk to anyone they see fit.

In a word, remember that those looking for rooms wear pink name tags while looking for roommates wear white ones. Attend one and see if it helps. You might even be lucky enough to find someone who meets your requirements.

6.  Search roommates on Reddit

Reddit is another portal for finding roommates and rooms and has been around for a while. To find a roommate in New York, search in the r/NYCApartments subreddit, updated every day with new posts, so you get to view recent listings and choose from among numerous ones.

The only downside to the website is that the posts aren’t filtered to determine their authenticity. So, it’s up to you to decide whether any post that holds your attention is safe and genuine.

7.  Use Craigslist with caution

After a quarter of a century and numerous scams later, it’s surprising that the classifieds ads portal is still very much in demand! While there are multiple rental websites and resources, Craigslist remains a significant platform where people actively look for roommates and rooms.

Should you want to use the portal, be sure to exercise caution every step of the way. Access the New York City Rooms & Shares page and create a post here. When creating the ad, ensure that you add adequate and accurate information about the rental. Be specific about your roommate preferences by adding relevant factors, such as age, rent, gender, pet ownership, employment details, move-in dates, among others. Since you’re very particular about the kind of roommate you want, remember to share similar details about yourself. Use the keyword search option to its maximum potential to find ads that perfectly match your requirements.

8.  Use reliable roommate finder apps

From buying groceries to booking tickets to selling cars, everything has an app today. Since we rely so heavily on them, it makes sense to use them to simplify our search for a roommate in New York. Honestly, there are so many of them that you might be spoiled for choice! It’s also wise to choose an app that’s not only safe but also meets your requirements as far as location, perks, and lifestyles are concerned.

Since we’re talking about secure apps, you must try Cirtru, the most trusted roommate finder in the United States! In just three simple steps, you can find the perfect roommate for yourself in New York!

9.  Connect with an expat community

It’s a given that New York has a big heart when it comes to providing homes to immigrants worldwide. Over three million immigrants can vouch for it!

So, if you’re a citizen or resident of the USA born in another country, reach out to the expat community of your country. You might find a likable roommate from your birthplace! It’s a win-win situation if you ask us. First, you get to live with someone who has ties to your place of origin. Second, you get to provide a secure space for them while equipping them with the skills to live in a new country!

In the end, search InterNations New York, a portal that allows students and New York immigrants to interact with one another, search for information, and of course, find roommates.

10.  Search for an elderly roommate

Technically, people of all age groups can search for roommates in New York, and they do. You might be surprised to find that many senior citizens in the city are looking for roommates. Wondering why? Well, mainly for the same reasons others do. They may want to share expenses and save money. In addition, since they’re old and ailing, they might need someone to help them with household chores, groceries, and other errands. Finally, if you don’t have a spouse or a friend to talk to at their age, it can get lonely.

To that end, the New York Foundation for Senior Citizens has put together a website so that those in need can fill out a questionnaire and find a roommate. Depending on your situation, you might be looking for a place to live or have a home but are looking for someone to share it with. But you’ll need to be more than 60 years old to qualify!

So, are you all set to find a roommate in New York? We sure hope so! In a city that has crossed eight million residents, the roommate-hunting process may seem scary and overwhelming. But these tips should guide you all the way. Just make sure you use trusted apps and portals and refrain from sharing too much personal information. Also, run background checks and meet potential roommates in person. Follow whatever your gut tells you, and you’ll never regret your decision!

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