10 Tips For Selecting The Best Realtor In Phoenix

Are you on the hunt for the perfect realtor in Phoenix, Arizona? It’s because you know what it means to work with just any realtor in the industry. Great realtors surpass the ordinary of staying up to date with the industry changes; instead, they fit your unique needs around selling or buying property. 

The various ways a realtor can help you include:

  • Pricing your properties
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Negotiating on your behalf
  • Handling Legalities
  • Networking with suitable clients
  • Scrutinizing property before you purchase

With a realtor, you’ll likely make losses, save time, have limited market access, and face legal and documentation challenges. The nasty bit is that you may experience the same difficulties if you work with the wrong realtor. 

That means it’s best to have specific guiding factors to ensure that you land a good realtor, and this is what we cover in this article – 10 tips to select an ideal realtor in Phoenix.

1. Ascertain their Passion in the Industry

So much happens in the real estate industry; only industry experts can fight on your behalf. However, like in most other industries, some realtors still need to be fully invested in the profession regarding interest, regardless of expertise. Therefore, I consider realtors in Phoenix, AZ, with considerable industry experience and the passion to help.

2. Consider Specific Experience

Next, ensure that the realtor you select has the right experience. Never assume that just because a realtor has weighty experience in real estate, he is fit for any of your needs. Are you looking to sell your residential? 

Go for a realtor who specializes in that area rather than one who deals with selling commercial properties. So, research the specific expertise of any realtor on your list to land a perfect match.

3. Know their Negotiation Abilities

It’s undeniable that the primary role of a realtor involves making deals, but only when they make deals to your advantage can you recognize their usefulness. A good realtor should comprehensively understand the local market and be confident in qualifying buyers for your property, asking prices, and talking to authorities, all to your benefit.

4. Countercheck Contract Requirements

Other than getting a realtor, it’s equally important to consider the terms and conditions of your contract. A contract details who you are hiring, the reason, the commission expected, and the circumstances under which you can violate the contract.

Other aspects considered in the contract include:

  • Agreement to Represent
  • Duration of the Agreement
  • Compensation and Commission
  • Property Description
  • Listing Price
  • Broker’s Duties and Responsibilities
  • Seller’s Obligations
  • Buyer’s Obligations
  • Termination Clause
  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms

It’s always good to read through these terms to ensure you and the realtor know the positive results when everything flows well and the negative consequences otherwise.

5. Check Reviews

Before you select an ideal realtor in Phoenix, it’s best to consider the experience others have had by working with a particular realtor. 

Because real estate involves various aspects around homes and lands, one of your friends or family members likely has recently sold or bought a property, so know from them what went smoothly, their shortcomings, and anything they learned through, after which ask them if they recommend the realtor or not. Referrals from family and friends are indeed the popular way to connect with a suitable realtor.

6. Prioritize Communication

Besides being honest and transparent, a typical realtor has to be a good communicator. You wouldn’t have to work with a person who keeps you waiting for hours before responding to you or a person who shouts at you upon asking a question. 

In addition, give your communication preferences early enough to avoid miscommunication along the way. Do you prefer a call, email, DM, or a text? Also, how often? In general, ensure the realtor is aware of your communication expectations.

7. Don’t Settle Immediately

You’re not desperate, so you’re seeking the best realtors in Phoenix, AZ. So, why rush? Many people often settle for the first realtor they come across, which is a massive mistake because where’s the comparison? 

Remember, you’re not only looking for an experienced realtor but also a fitting personality – it’s unlikely to please every realtor and vice versa. But if you meet several realtors and chat with them, you can quickly determine the ideal one.

8. Choose a realtor that Deals With Properties in Your Price Range

Another significant tip to uphold when selecting a suitable realtor in Phoenix is the price range of properties they handle. If you’re hoping to sell or purchase a home at a low-end price, be sure to work with a realtor in this category, and the vice versa is true. 

Note that a realtor with high-end properties is entitled to a high commission. Imagine the loss you suffer by working with such a realtor when your property is low-end. That is why you must choose a realtor who deals with properties in your price range.

9. Look for a Committed Realtor

Most realtors operate part-time to supplement their full-time job or as post-retirement work. Others keep up with the profession while they pursue other life interests like families or other careers, which is okay. 

However, no amount of self-interest should compromise the commitment of a realtor to your projects. It is suitable for a realtor to stay abreast full-time. That way, the realtor can provide substantial advice at every process step.

10. Market Knowledge

A great realtor is a local expert. They should be well-versed in the Phoenix housing market and understand factors that affect property values, such as school districts, transportation, and amenities.


Selecting the best realtor in Phoenix is crucial yet challenging. However, following the above tips and conducting thorough research, you’ll find an ideal realtor who will guide you to success in the Phoenix housing market.

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