4 Most Common Types of Crimes and How to Handle a False Accusation

We find ourselves raised among friendly people, caring parents, and siblings who’d take a bullet for us, but that’s not the case around the world. Unfortunately, this world is surrounded by many different crimes that can cause severe physical, mental and financial damage to clients. There are a lot of crimes around us, and how people behave around those crimes is entirely dependent on their mental state and extremity of crime. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common crimes in the world.

Types of Crimes

There are many different types of crimes conducted around the world. Some of the most common categories of crimes are:

  • Violence crimes
  • Property crimes
  • White-collar crimes
  • Organized crimes

Violence Crimes

In the world of criminology, a violent crime depends on the type of crime. There are multiple legal terms that exist for different types of violent crimes. Here are various violent crimes with a brief introduction:


This refers to the killing of a person. Unlike murder, the circumstances of homicide can depend on different occasions, and this loss of life can be intentional or unintentional (for instance, defense).


Murder is taking someone’s life without their consent, but the murderer has full intention of killing. First-degree murder is a crime in which a killer shows extreme disregard for the victim. Second-degree murder can be an unintentional murder in which the killer shows wanton disregard for the victim.


Any death that occurs during a crime scene, such as kidnapping or robbery, is called a felony. Criminals who commit a felony murder usually are charged with murder depending on the type of situation.


During physical abuse or violence, if the victim dies, criminal defense law firm wichita the court charges the criminal for manslaughter. This reckless conduct is usually intentional.


A crime in which you make physical contact with someone with the intention to hurt or harm the victim. An aggravated battery is a crime in which the criminal uses weapons to harm the victim.


A violent crime in which the criminal does not get in physical contact with the victim, but the intention is there.

Vehicular Assault

An assault involving dangerous driving that can cause injury to passengers or other people on the road is called vehicular assault.

Domestic Violence

People living in the same household can also abuse each other sometimes. Domestic violence can happen between two partners, parents, and children, or boyfriend and girlfriend.

Rape Violence

When you forcefully ask someone to engage in a sexual encounter with you. Non-consensual intercourse or sexual intercourse of an adult with a minor (under 18) is called rape. People are usually charged with sentences of at least 20 years. Sodomy is also a type of rape in which oral or anal intercourse is forced on an individual or a minor.

Property Crime

From low-level offenses to major felonies, property crime is significantly growing in the US. Let’s discuss the most common property crimes of all time:


Stealing or lifting objects from a shop without paying or telling the shop workers is called shoplifting. Usually, criminals shoplift from grocery stores, alcohol shops, clothing stores, etc.


Robbery is a property crime in which one person uses force or threat and violence to forcefully take over someone’s rightfully owned objects.


Entering someone’s property illegally to take their things and rightfully owned belongings.


When an individual destroys property without any legal permission or right. Graffiti, breaking windows, throwing toilet paper, slashing tires are forms of vandalism.


This is one of the more severe forms of property crime. Anyone found guilty of burning property and structure is charged with arson. In case someone is damaged or hurt in an arson, violent crime is also charged.

White-Collar Crimes

You may need a white-collar crime attorney when charged with these complex crimes. Here are the most committed white-collar crimes:

Bank Fraud

Stealing false information, intentional deception to steal bank information from a bank or its clients is called bank fraud. Credit/Debit card frauds, cheque frauds, and accounting frauds are the most common types of bank frauds. Bank fraud is recorded as a misdemeanor in court.

Healthcare Fraud

When people falsify information regarding their healthcare charges or obtain fake prescriptions under a specific hospital, they are committing healthcare fraud. Healthcare facilities can commit healthcare fraud by charging higher amounts, issuing unnecessary prescriptions, or phony diagnosis. Other criminals can commit this crime by deceiving healthcare services for personal benefit.


Encouraging or assisting someone in committing a crime is regarded as a conspiracy white-collar crime.

Mail Fraud

Receiving money and property through deception and fraudulent activities is called mail fraud. It can result in over 20 years’ imprisonment if found guilty.


Crimes like identity theft, child pornography, hacking, bullying, copyright infringement over the internet are regarded as cybercrimes. Presently, there are active laws against internet-based crimes that can hamper your ability to maintain a career and social life.

Organized Crimes

Crimes are conducted at a transnational or national level by large groups and businesses for personal and professional benefit. Crimes at a larger scale involve terrorist activities as well. Some types of organized crimes are:

Narcotic Distribution

Distributing illegal and dangerous drugs among gangs. Most of these drugs cause thousands of dollars that are imported illegally from other countries.

Money Laundering

Illegal transfer of black money from one location to another through various commuting channels.

Bank Robberies

This is the act of obtaining money stored in a bank vault without any legal permission or authorization. Bank robberies also involve cases of assault, battery, and sometimes manslaughter.


Act of obtaining benefits from someone by threatening the victim to reveal their personal or professional information. From ordinary people to mega industries, all have been involved in blackmail.

Falsely Accused of a Crime

Millions of people are trapped in false cases and crimes that they did not commit. When someone is wrongly charged or prosecuted for a crime, there are numerous legal arguments that can be made. Lawsuits are made on claims based on defamation, illegal prosecution, and wrongful imprisonment. Unless you have proper proof and a solid stance against the actual criminals, it becomes tough to get rid of the legal technicalities. To get rid of these complications, you must:

  • Hire a relevant lawyer. For instance, a white-collar crime attorney in case of cyber-crimes or bank frauds.
  • Gather proof against the accusers.
  • Record statements about your whereabouts and present any witnesses in the court.
  • Compensate with the other party and request them to drop these false charges.


Millions of criminal activities take place around the world every day. Safety from crimes is compulsory, and one must seek immediate legal action in case of being involved in one. Violence crimes, property crimes, white-collar crimes, and organized crimes are some of the most commonly reported crimes of all time. You can seek legal help to receive your belongings or compensation for any physical, mental, and financial damage caused. Some people are falsely accused of crimes. In this case, it is essential to gather all evidence while seeking legal help. This will help you get rid of any court-related complications as well as an elongated process.

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