4 Warning Signs of an Infected Toenail: What to Look Out For

An infected toenail can be painful, to say the least. If you find that you have gotten your toenail infected then the best thing you can do is to learn how to take care of it.

In addition, you should know what causes a toenail infection so that you can know how to prevent it in the future.

Take a look at the common symptoms and some treatments you can utilize to prevent an infected toenail.

1. What Causes an Infected Toenail?

A toenail infection is caused by a fungal infection. They may also be caused by calluses from your shoe.

The most common type of infection is an ingrown toenail infection. It means that the edges of your toenail begin to grow into the skin that is next to your toenail. 

If you were born with curved toenails then you will be more susceptible to having an ingrown toenail. Another thing that can make it more likely that you will get a toenail infection is if you cut your toenails too long or too short. If you wear shoes that are too tight over time you can get a toenail infection as well.

There are several home remedies that you can use to treat an infected toenail. However, there are over the counter treatments and you can get these from pricepropharmacy.com, to help clear up the infection fast.

2. Pain and Pressure

If you have an infected toenail you are likely to have a feeling of pain and pressure in the toe. You may also begin to notice that the skin next to your toenail has become swollen.

 It may also become tender and hard. Look out for signs of redness and bleeding as well. If pain and swelling doesn’t go down, you may consult with a pain management clinic

3. Discoloration and More

If your toenails become discolored meaning that they are thick and cracked this would suggest that there is a fungal infection in the nail.

If you see drainage coming from the toe then this is also a sign that it has become infected. Any sign of ingrown toenail pus indicates that there is an infection.

4. Spots

White or other discolored spots that suddenly appear in the toenail without an injury occurring are a common sign of toenail infection. Often you may also notice that in addition to spots there is crumbling along the edges and tips of the nail.

When crumbling starts it won’t be long before the nail starts to lift from the nail bed. This is often a clear sign that the nail is infected.

Get Treatment Now

Now that you know all the symptoms of an infected toenail it is time to start getting it treated. Do not wait for symptoms to get worse before dealing with it either with home remedies or over the counter medication.

If you find that none of these things are working then you will need to go to the doctor. If you would like more life tips, please visit the lifestyle section of our blog.

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