5 Benefits of Playing Video Games

Remember when your mother would yell at you to stop playing games? Even then, you wouldn’t peel yourself from the console. Not until you beat your last high score. Well, mom will be happy to know that all those hours you spent with your hands glued to the gamepad were not a waste after all. 

Positive Effects of Playing Video Games

Over the decades, many studies have suggested that the time you spent hopping on turtles, eating mushrooms, and crawling through gutters to save Princess Peach were beneficial to your mental growth. Video games may not be as sophisticated as chess and dominoes. Still, with the advancement of technology, developers focus on creating engaging games that can stimulate the brain and teach us useful skills. 

Roald Dahl once said, “Life is more fun if you play games.” It’s even better if you can get something out from playing games. Here are just a few confirmed benefits of gaming. 

Develop Social Skills

One would expect that gamers are anti-social or maybe even shy, but research shows otherwise. Social, collaborative games can help the development of social skills. Players who enjoy these types of games are known to build better relationships. With virtual playdates, players come into connection with people of all walks of life, which can positively impact their interactions and develop a sense of empathy.  

Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Yes, there are indeed games designed for mindless escapism. On the other hand, you find games that challenge your critical thinking skills as you have to solve one or more challenges to get to the next level. Keeping your brain active develops problem-solving skills and improves planning, organization, and flexible thinking. 

Great Stress Relief

We touched a little on escapism in the previous point. After a long day facing the world and its issues which you have no power over, you can go home to heroically save the emperor’s daughter from the clutches of the dreaded dragon. Studies have shown that some games can improve your mood. Every win counts. There have been cases where videos games are successfully used in therapy. 

Fitness Benefits

Gone are the days where the picture of a video gamer was that of a teen reclining on the couch all day, occasionally standing up to celebrate a win. We have welcomed VR gaming which has games that are played across physical space. Some of them are built around real-world location data. All these games have one thing in common – inspiring gamers to move around to advance in the virtual world.  

Intellectual Development

Children can learn to read better as they figure out text instructions on how to play. Furthermore, video games have improved mathematical skills, players’ world history, politics, and other topics since they’re a great learning medium without getting too tiresome. Many video game genres explore various themes, from different historical eras and events to modern science problems and everything in between. They all offer an exciting way to expand your knowledge and learn some new things along the way. 

Final Thoughts

Over the past couple of decades, the rising interest in this type of entertainment has created new professional interests. Professional gaming is a career anyone can consider. Esports have grown significantly in the past decade, and by the look of things, it’s not slowing down anytime soon. The largest tournaments are global spectacles with prize pools measured in millions.

If you’re good, the time you spend with your console or a PC can be more than just a little fun. If you’re looking to get into gaming and test your skills, check out NetEnt casinos at goodluckmate.com.

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