5 Healthcare Careers That Pay Better Than You Think

Healthcare will cost Americans over 3.65 Trillion dollars this year. With money spent like that, it is essential to have valuable and reliable healthcare workers. That is why medical careers are in demand! 

We will go over 5 healthcare careers that pay well and are worth looking into. Let’s get started! 

1. Physical Therapist 

Working as a Physical Therapist, you can expect to bring home an average of $81,500 each year. This career does, however, take around seven years of schooling.

You must first receive a Bachelor’s Degree and then attend three to four years of Physical Therapy school. A PT’s responsibilities include creating unique therapy plans for patients with physical issues and working to increase mobility in patients, especially after an accident or surgery.

2. Clinic Manager 

A Clinic Manager is a career that can be taught via an online healthcare school. This job brings home a salary of $72,000 on average.

The responsibilities include managing the clinic in terms of patient portals, financial work, staffing, and more. The amount of education varies for this job, however, most companies like to see at least five years of on the job training in the medical field.

3. Physician Assistant 

A Physician’s Assistant works alongside a Physician to perform day to day tasks, including aiding with medical procedures, filing paperwork, and caring for patients. They work with nurses and doctors to ensure that patients are receiving the care that they need. 

This career generally requires a Master’s Degree with additional schooling. A Physician’s Assistant brings home an average of $110,000 per year. 

4. Nurse Practioner 

The average salary for a Nurse practitioner is $113,000 per year. To become a Nurse Practioner, you will need to complete your Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, followed by two to four years of NP training. Nurse Practitioners are able to diagnose and treat their patients, and in most cases, they can prescribe medication as needed. 

A Nurse Practioner usually will have some specialized training as well. This could be anything from working with children to Orthopedic care. 

5. Radiation Therapist 

A Radiation Therapist is someone who cares for patients with cancer and administers radiation treatments to them. They are responsible for operating the machinery that is used to shrink tumors in cancer patients. This career pays an average of $85,500 per year.

To become a Radiation Therapist, you will generally need an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s Degree in Radiation Therapy. In most states, additional licensing or a certificate is also required to practice. 

Healthcare Careers That Pay Well

As you can see, these top 5 healthcare careers that pay well can be achieved with a little hard work! By the time you are finished with your education, you will be ready to join the workforce and make a difference in patients’ lives! These careers are essential and offer so much more reward than just a paycheck. 

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